NDIS Software for Disability Care Providers

Optimise NDIS Support Operations: Streamline Administrative Tasks, Enhance Efficiency, and Elevate Care Standards through a Centralised Platform

Designed For NDIS Compliance

Navigate Your Organisation’s NDIS Requirements

CareMaster is an all-inclusive NDIS software solution packed with a suite of tools tailored to optimise the management and delivery of disability care services.

Advantages of CareMaster NDIS Management Software:

  • Rostering Single and Group supports
  • Award Interpretation including SHADS
  • Adhere to NDIS compliance and requirements
  • Set and personalise individual client schedules
  • Case Notes with complex clinical documentation needs
  • Record important tasks and visits
  • Oversee medication administration
  • Log and track incidents 
  • 24/7 Participant Bookings
  • Payroll & Invoicing
  • Document Control 
  • Vehicle & Travel management 
  • Reporting with data Extractions
  • Participant Plan / Budget Dashboards


NDIS Rostering 

Coordinate your NDIS workforce in a unified platform to manage your services and customer interactions, avoiding redundant tasks. Optimise your workforce’s capabilities using intuitive rostering tools and purpose built mobile application designed for your frontline support workers and Participants.

Enhance NDIS participants’ experience through the rostering software designed to seamlessly align their preferences and requirements with the skills and availability of your support workers.

Our NDIS software simplifies the organisation and management of your NDIS support care. With a user-friendly dashboard, you gain a comprehensive view of your team’s availability, facilitating seamless assignment of the appropriate individuals to clients. Create and oversee schedules for your support teams effortlessly by using a simple drag-and-drop feature, enabling them to maximise their time elsewhere. With recurring schedules and advanced notification alerts, you can concentrate on time dependent tasks that genuinely require your attention, leaving the automation to manage the rest.

NDIS CRM (NDIS Client Relationship Management)

Integrate your disability support workforce, administration, and client service seamlessly on a centralised cloud platform designed to elevate NDIS support services. By consolidating all client data into a centralised and universally accessible platform, we streamline the process for you and your teams to provide exceptionally personalised support to clients and their families within the NDIS framework. 

Efficiently provide client care on a large scale through an NDIS client management system, granting frontline workers access to essential information for delivering exceptional support. From comprehending the distinctive requirements of your clients to sharing their progress, we simplify the management of their support, making it more accountable and stress-free.

Provide customer-directed care on a scale through an integrated and thorough customer records management system. Our NDIS CRM guarantees that client records remain up-to-date and readily available to your team, and information is accessible across all workflows.

NDIS Billing and Invoicing

The NDIS pricing structures and limits are seamlessly integrated into our billing engine, eliminating the need for you to meticulously track every update. Keep pace with NDIS pricing arrangements and limits effortlessly through the inherent NDIS pricing automation feature in CareMaster. By incorporating NDIS bulk invoicing, billing, timesheets, and expenses into CareMaster, you’ll reduce the time spent on paperwork and gain more confidence in handling your business and finances. Streamline tedious manual invoicing and expedite payment processing with workflows designed to automate your NDIS billing quickly. With automated invoicing that computes line items using real-time booking data, you can save valuable time in the process. Depending on your current accounting software choice, two-way invoicing will further assist in financial reconciliation by facilitating better invoice management.

NDIS Compliance

Optimise your NDIS audits and focus on key priorities effortlessly. Our software simplifies compliance procedures, freeing up more of your valuable time. Enhance your compliance management with our NDIS software, ensuring that documents remain consistently up-to-date, reports and notes are instantly recorded, and proof of delivery facilitates seamless matching of invoices to the provided support. Reinforce your business in audits using technology that guarantees alignment with NDIA regulations for every process with extraction of data for audit supply. CareMaster integrates customer records, services, bookings, rosters, and invoicing, placing the customer at the core of the Care Services framework.

NDIS Provider Communications Avenue (Notes, Documents, Apps)

Simplify care management with ease by updating client notes, uploading documents, and sharing progress within minutes through CareMaster and the accompanying mobile application for workers. This integration with appointments ensures that teams are well-informed and prepared as soon as their shift starts.

The mobile app facilitates secure access and sharing of NDIS client information and progress notes for teams, enabling them to handle shifts, clock in, and promptly submit support expenses for faster payments.

Comprehensive NDIS Software For Disability Care Providers

CareMaster’s NDIS software embodies a comprehensive and advanced solution set to transform how disability care providers manage their services in Australia. By merging sophisticated functionalities for NDIS plan management, client care, rostering, billing, and compliance into one easy-to-use platform, it offers a streamlined, efficient method for meeting the needs of both care providers and NDIS participants. The software’s emphasis on centralisation, automation, and compliance ensures that providers are equipped to deliver high-quality, personalised care more effectively and with greater accountability. 

As the disability care sector continues to evolve, CareMaster’s NDIS management software emerges as an essential tool for providers looking to optimise their operations, adhere to regulatory standards, and, most importantly, improve the care experience for individuals with disabilities in Australia.