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CareMaster is accredited against ISO 270001 Information Security.

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Enhance efficiencies, eliminate human error, and gain command over the uncontrollable at long last!

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Scaling excellence: CareMaster's NDIS software accommodates providers overseeing thousands to a few.

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Efficient rostering and scheduling: Easily establish worker rosters and schedules using smart filters, alerts, and advanced features. Our Support Worker App ensures your workforce stays informed and your participants stay updated.

Seamless Integration with Your Current Software Systems

Your preferred choice for a complete end-to-end NDIS solution, Seamlessly linked and automated with third-party software.

Invoicing & Payroll

Effortlessly generate invoices, manage payroll, and produce reports seamlessly linkable to accounting software. Streamline and automate NDIS PRODA bulk invoicing, SCHADS award payroll, and other processes with ease.

Link All Your Business Stakeholders for Uniform and Compliant Care

A CareMaster NDIS Participant checks out the support list available through the NDIS Participant App on her phone.
A CareMaster NDIS Participant checks out the support list available through the NDIS Participant App on her phone.

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CareMaster Holds Information Security Accreditation:
ISO 27001 Certified

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Frequently Asked Questions

An NDIS software is an indispensable tool for Australian disability service providers, offering comprehensive optimisation of their business processes. The best NDIS software effectively supports all stakeholders involved in delivering quality NDIS support, including Providers, Support Workers, and Participants. It prioritises NDIS compliance as standard across all features, seamlessly connecting front-line workers and Participants with management and operations teams through cutting-edge NDIS software and App development for both in-field and in-office management. The software must create a robust and intuitive ecosystem, ensuring well-delivered and diverse services that match the needs of each participant, thereby enhancing the overall service quality and effectiveness of a diverse range of NDIS service providers. Reporting and business analytics align with the NDIS objectives and principles of a responsible and health-conscious business.
Moreover, the best NDIS software encompasses a wide range of key business functions, such as NDIS rostering of support staff with intelligent filtering to match the best-qualified workers to a Participant’s needs, staff availability, and GPS tracking capabilities. It also includes features for automated timesheets and payroll with award interpretation and allowances, NDIS-integrated claims and invoicing, client record management, and client budget and care plans. Additionally, the software offers essential tools for document control of staff, Participants, and the business, incident reporting, medication management, as well as vehicle and property management features. A dynamic alert and reminder system is incorporated to track time-dependent processes, documents, certifications, and registrations not to mention booking reminders and schedule clashes.
By leveraging these interconnected and comprehensive features, providers can elevate their NDIS service delivery, ensure regulatory compliance, and distinguish themselves as a quality NDIS service provider within the industry. The software’s effectiveness fosters a polished service delivery that attracts quality staff, garners new Participant interest, and establishes a reputation for delivering exceptional care within the NDIS industry.
Finally, the best NDIS software is backed by operational support for Providers from the software provider themselves during the onboarding process, with a dedicated onboarding and training team, a provider help desk, and a wide range of supported learning materials. This is further reinforced by a high level of usability, stability, and continuity to ensure that onboarding and training are not only easy but efficient, reducing operational downtime and change management fatigue, as teams incorporate the new NDIS software into their business processes.
Key features that are essential include:
  • Bulk claims: Processing for efficient handling of multiple claims at once.
  • Medical and medicine management: Ensure proper health management for Participants.
  • Alerts and reminders: For bookings, business processes, and time-sensitive documents, certifications, and registrations.
  • Smart rostering: Single/Group bookings and Participant-Worker criteria matching for optimal staff allocation.
  • NDIS price guide integration: Integration with NDIS price guides and NDIS plans for streamlined financial management.
  • Vehicle & property: Vehicle (Private, leased, or Company) and Property management for effective asset tracking.
  • Payroll: Award interpretation and Integrated Payroll processing (Xero, Myob Quickbooks, etc.) for simplified payroll management.
  • Participant records: Case Notes and Progress Note functionality to maintain comprehensive Participant records.
  • Accessibility: Remote (no internet) and real-time access to Participant Records for accessibility in any situation through Support Worker and Participant Apps
  • Reporting: Dashboard reporting and data extraction (Financial, Services, Staff) for detailed insights into operations.
  • Security of information: A software which has been accredited against ISO 27001 Information Security and has encrypted data transfers and two-factor authorisation access with software logins.
The most significant advantage for a provider considering the adoption of a high-quality NDIS software often lies in its market focus. In other words, whether the software was purpose-built exclusively for the NDIS or designed for multiple industries that share similar features such as rostering and award interpretation. Many software solutions fail to meet providers’ expectations due to being developed for multi-industry purposes. This approach introduces additional complexity to the software, with various tools, buttons, sections, and outcomes, or, in some cases, features that lack refinement to accommodate multiple industries.
On the contrary, when a software is specifically tailored for a particular industry like the NDIS, it typically exhibits a higher level of refinement and is better equipped to address industry-specific challenges. This specialised focus enables the software to tackle a wider range of problems effectively, ultimately facilitating better solutions for Providers.
The benefits of a quality NDIS software for providers are well-known and no secret. When examining high-performing providers, they often share common key business characteristics. These similarities not only highlight the advantages of using high-performing software but also demonstrate how it can be best utilised for business operations.


Automation & Connectivity
The advantages that software can offer are no secret, and among them, one of the most crucial aspects is its ability to automate, standardise, and seamlessly connect essential data across various sections of a business. For instance, when a Support Worker digitally fills a time sheet using the App, it is automatically forwarded to the Payroll Officer for review. This level of connectivity eliminates the siloed approach of different business units, eliminates the need for excessive paperwork, reduces reliance on verbal communication and lengthy email exchanges, and effectively streamlines business processes that would otherwise require non-documented phone conversations or written communications.
By implementing such connectivity, not only does it promote efficiency, but it also reduces the chances of human errors that may arise from unclear or misinterpreted communications. The software’s capability to automate and standardise data transfer allows for smoother operations, enhances transparency, and minimises the possibility of inefficiencies and inaccuracies that might be encountered with conventional communication methods. Overall, this integrated approach exemplifies how software can optimise business processes and improve overall productivity while maintaining a high level of accuracy and effectiveness.
Effective communication is paramount in a service-based industry like the NDIS, as it lays the foundation for building relationships, trust, and operational efficiencies. CareMaster acknowledges the significance of communication and elevates communications methods through the CareMaster software by incorporating advanced features like text, notifications, and real-time updates from the software. These capabilities enable immediate actions and ensure that pertinent information reaches Support Workers and Participants in a timely manner.
For instance, if a support session is booked but not yet assigned to a specific Support Worker, CareMaster’s broadcasting feature comes into play. It allows the available shift to be promptly offered to all qualified workers who possess the necessary skills for the support task. This communication process occurs seamlessly through the Web-based system, with administrators directly interacting with the Support Worker App.
By leveraging this dynamic communication approach, CareMaster revolutionises traditional communication avenues and expedites daily activities. Rostering can be done on the spot, and Support Workers can accept shifts immediately, with all essential details efficiently transferred directly to them, streamlining the support work process. This exemplary process showcases how CareMaster optimises communication strategies to enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness in managing daily operations.
In the realm of software, every action triggers a corresponding reaction. Whether it involves making changes, providing updates, or inputting details into CareMaster, each step is meticulously recorded. Given the inherent nature of software, the CareMaster team has diligently integrated compliance features throughout the system to guide staff effectively through various processes, such as creating case notes.
These compliance features include alerts that promptly notify users of potential issues if an action is pursued, ensuring continuity and adherence to established protocols. By maintaining such consistency, CareMaster not only generates valuable data for audits but also guarantees the comprehensive collection of essential details if ever needed in the future. This meticulous approach promotes accountability and accuracy within the system, benefitting both users and the overall management of crucial information.
In today’s modern world, security stands as an indisputably vital aspect for any software, particularly when it involves the well-being and sensitive information of health and vulnerable members of the public. CareMaster diligently prioritises security and makes highly calculated decisions on a daily basis to ensure the utmost protection.
CareMaster boasts built-in safety features meticulously woven throughout the software and its back-end infrastructure. An essential aspect of their
commitment to security is the fact that all of CareMaster’s operations are entirely based in Australia, further ensuring a secure and controlled environment.
CareMaster boasts built-in safety features meticulously woven throughout the software and its back-end infrastructure. An essential aspect of their commitment to security is the fact that all of CareMaster’s operations are entirely based in Australia, further ensuring a secure and controlled environment.
During business hours, our live chat facility ensures immediate assistance. Additionally, 24/7 help resources are accessible, alongside complimentary webinars, catering to your team members’ needs or assisting in onboarding new employees, training existing employees and support daily activities and software updates.
In order to provide optimal customer support, we extend several essential services to Providers. This is also supported by a full range of training packages based on the number of staff and the size of the provider business that requires training.
Moreover, CareMaster has undertaken significant updates beyond its software development. To meet the growing demand from providers opting for CareMaster, the company has expanded its onboarding staff. As a result, a larger team of help desk personnel and sales staff has been assembled to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from initial contact to ongoing assistance for businesses using CareMaster.
CareMasters NDIS software provides a range of advantages to disability
service providers within the NDIS, including:
  • CareMaster’s NDIS software revolutionises communication and connectivity by offering dedicated apps for both Support Workers and Participants, enabling remote access and daily management of all activities with the Provider. The Participant App and Support Worker App establish a two-way connection with the online administration and coordination portal, ensuring a seamless flow of essential information and granting access to critical data. As a result, this integrated
    ecosystem stands as one of the most advanced NDIS solutions available in the market.
  • CareMasters NDIS software streamlines client information, support plans, and progress tracking, creating a centralised system that facilitates the seamless delivery of personalised services.
  • CareMasters NDIS software enables providers to generate essential reports for compliance and auditing purposes, facilitating a seamless adherence to NDIS guidelines and ensuring a high level of effectiveness in meeting regulatory requirements.
  • CareMasters NDIS software automates billing and invoicing procedures, resulting in precise and prompt payment processing, thereby enhancing
    efficiency and reducing administrative burdens for disability service providers.
  • CareMasters NDIS software empowers providers to effectively monitor NDIS funding allocations, track expenditures, and ensure strict adherence to price guides, guaranteeing financial compliance and accountability.
  • CareMasters NDIS software fosters improved care coordination among Support Workers, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective service delivery for individuals with disabilities.
NDIS software is tailored to cater to the needs of all disability service providers, including sole traders and small businesses. These software solutions offer scalable options that can adapt to providers of different sizes. With user-friendly interfaces and specialised features, these platforms are designed to meet the specific requirements of smaller organisations. By using such software, these providers can efficiently manage their NDIS-related tasks without being overwhelmed by complex systems. This ensures that even smaller entities can effectively participate in the NDIS and deliver quality services to their clients.
Certainly! NDIS software incorporates essential features that empower providers to monitor Participant progress and goals in a highly effective manner. Support Coordinators can easily update and track clients’ achievements and milestones through the software’s centralised platform, while Support Workers may do the same through the Support Worker App. Participants can track their progress using the Participant App.
This consolidated information plays a crucial role in generating progress reports and enables providers to deliver more targeted and outcome-driven services to NDIS Participants. Participant goals in CareMaster may be attached to case notes and services, with progressional tools to indicate the status of each goal.
By leveraging these features, Providers can enhance their support and ensure the overall well-being and progress of individuals within the NDIS.
NDIS software significantly enhances support coordination through its collaborative platform, promoting seamless communication and information sharing among Support Workers, coordinators, and Participants. This results in streamlined coordination of services, goal-setting, and progress tracking, ultimately facilitating efficient and effective support delivery.
Furthermore, the software empowers support coordinators with the ability to closely monitor NDIS budgets, ensuring appropriate allocation of funds to specific services. This valuable feature optimises the support coordination process, enabling providers to make well-informed decisions while maximising resource utilisation.
Overall, the streamlined support coordination provided by the NDIS software leads to improved service outcomes and more efficient management of Participant care and support services.
Given the numerous features and processes available in CareMaster to assist support coordinators, we recommend contacting our team for a software demonstration. This will provide a comprehensive understanding of how CareMaster can benefit your specific support coordination needs.

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