End-to-End NDIS Software

CareMaster is a cloud-based software platform allowing NDIS Providers, Support Workers and Participants to access it anywhere, anytime. 

We pride ourselves on our end-to-end NDIS software, which is beneficial for Providers completing admin tasks; it also assists Support Workers and provides Participants with an easy-to-use app to connect them with their Support Workers. 

With a complete set of integrations, including rostering, accounting and invoicing, CareMaster’s NDIS software platform has everything you need for seamless communication, training and onboarding across Providers, Support Workers and Participants

NDIS Software for Providers

CareMaster offers a cloud-based, accessible online software that forms the heart and soul of an NDIS Provider’s end-to-end operations.

The NDIS software for Providers also links directly with the Support Worker App and Participant App for unparalleled data transfers and management capabilities of all stakeholders and their relationships.

Key features for Providers using CareMaster software include:

  • Invoicing: This user-friendly invoicing system maintains records and manages support services provided to partner NDIS Providers, integrating seamlessly with the business’s preferred accounting software. 
  • Rostering: The rostering feature provides a unified platform for organising scheduled bookings, offering Providers easy access to details necessary for task and support coordination. 
  • Accounting: CareMaster’s accounting feature supports integration with various platforms like Xero, MYOB, Reckon QuickBooks, KeyPay, and other systems designed specifically for the care sector.

NDIS Software for Support Workers

The CareMaster Support Worker App revolutionises the provision of care. It equips Support Workers with immediate updates, streamlined communication, effective scheduling and secure access to Participant information. 

Its flawless integration with the CareMaster administrative cloud-based NDIS software facilitates smooth coordination, boosts efficiency and ensures the delivery of exceptional care services.

Key features of the Support Worker App include

  • Case note management: This feature offers a detailed method for assisting Participants, emphasising their unique needs.
  • Rostering and scheduling: Support Workers can effortlessly view their appointments with Participants, including times and locations, and schedule new appointments when needed.
  • Travel lodging: This feature empowers Support Workers and Providers to efficiently handle travel expenses related to Participant support and oversee vehicle services. It encompasses integration with payroll for travel allowances, a database for pick-ups and drop-offs, location history, and GPS tracking for clocked-in shifts.
A good conversation between a Support Worker and a Participant happens because of NDIS Support Worker App tips and features.
CareMaster's NDIS Software Demonstration aids Providers in managing Support Workers and enhancing Participant experiences.

NDIS Software to Support Your Participants

Elevate the experience of your Participants with the CareMaster Participant App

Fully integrated with both administrative and support functionalities, the CareMaster NDIS Participant App enables effortless support requests, simplifies the management of personal details, provides document control, and offers a variety of features designed to save time, reduce errors and optimise efficiency.

Key features of the Participant App include 

  • Communication with Support Workers and Providers: The Participant App acts as a bridge, linking Providers and Support Workers with Participants and their families. It facilitates communication for announcements, data exchange, and support requests, along with updates on scheduled Supports for the Participant.
  • Viewing and managing budgets: This feature enables Participants to access their plan budgets and utilise this information to manage them effectively with their family.

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The CareMaster NDIS software caters to businesses of every size and stage of growth. 

It offers a comprehensive solution for NDIS Providers, boasting a versatile and robust design that supports every aspect of business operation. This includes roles ranging from management to Support Workers, Human Resources to accounts payable, compliance and everything in between.

Our software facilitates a wide range of functionalities, such as enabling Providers to oversee rostering, allowing Support Workers to manage case notes, and giving Participants the ability to communicate directly with their Support Workers. With our cloud-based system and app, you have access to all the tools you need and more. 

To discover how our Provider, Support Worker or Participant App can transform your operations, book a complimentary demo to experience our cutting-edge software firsthand.

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201 reviews   |   1K + Downloads
894 Ratings   |   1K + Downloads
201 reviews   |   1K + Downloads
894 Ratings   |   1K + Downloads

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The CareMaster NDIS Support Worker App empowers support workers with participant data for improved and more engaging support.

Frequently Asked Questions

NDIS software refers to applications or platforms designed to support the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in various ways. The NDIS is an Australian government initiative that provides support and funding to people with disabilities. NDIS software typically includes tools for managing participant plans, tracking services, and handling administrative tasks efficiently. It helps Participants, service Providers, and the NDIS itself streamline processes and improve accessibility to services.
CareMaster is a meticulously designed NDIS software with a rich heritage of serving diverse provider types and sizes.
When choosing NDIS software for your disability support organisation, consider features like participant management, plan management, service scheduling, billing and invoicing, reporting capabilities, compliance tracking, and support worker management. User-friendly interfaces and mobile accessibility are also essential to ensure seamless interactions between staff and Participants.
CareMaster offers an extensive array of features, surpassing the ones mentioned earlier, to cater to the diverse needs of NDIS software users.
Yes, reputable NDIS software solutions adhere to strict privacy and security standards to protect sensitive participant information and comply with relevant regulations. Look for NDIS software Providers that employ encryption measures, data access controls, and regular security updates to safeguard participant data from unauthorised access or breaches.
CareMaster has achieved the prestigious ISO27001 information security certification, a distinction considered unique to the NDIS software industry. However, this remarkable accomplishment is just the initial step in CareMaster’s unwavering commitment to ensuring robust data security management.
Absolutely! NDIS software often includes features that facilitate plan management, such as tracking funding budgets, monitoring support expenditure, and providing real-time updates on the utilisation of funds. This helps both Participants and support organisations to stay on top of budget allocations and avoid overspending.
CareMaster caters to a diverse clientele, including plan management organisations, aged care Providers, and, naturally, NDIS Providers.
Yes, many NDIS software solutions offer customisable features and configurations to cater to the unique requirements of different disability support organisations. You can often tailor the software to match your organisation’s workflows, reporting preferences, and data tracking needs. Additionally, some software Providers may offer additional modules or integrations to extend the functionality of the core platform.
CareMaster offers a robust NDIS software solution that serves as an excellent foundation for Providers. They can personalise the comprehensive suite of features to their specific requirements, and we actively encourage them to make CareMaster uniquely their own.
Yes, NDIS software often includes built-in analytics and reporting features that enable disability support organisations to evaluate their performance. These analytics can provide valuable insights into service delivery efficiency, participant outcomes, staff performance, budget utilisation, and compliance metrics. Having access to these data-driven insights helps organisations identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to enhance overall service quality.
CareMaster offers comprehensive reporting dashboards, providing users with valuable insights into their financial and operational aspects. Additionally, the platform provides accessibility to data extraction tools, empowering Providers to perform in-depth analysis and gain a deeper understanding of their financial and operational performance. These features facilitate informed decision-making and enable Providers to optimise their services efficiently.
Yes, one of the key functionalities of NDIS software is rostering and scheduling Support Workers effectively. The software typically includes tools that allow support organisations to manage staff availability, match Participants with suitable Support Workers based on their qualifications and preferences, and create optimised schedules. This streamlines workforce management and ensures that Participants receive the right support at the right time.
CareMaster maintains a proactive approach to software development, regularly updating and reviewing its offerings. As a result, our software stands out not only for its robustness but also for its cutting-edge currency and capabilities. In a recent review conducted with external stakeholder Providers, valuable insights were gathered – leading to the identification of a range of additional features aimed at further enhancing the scheduling and time sheet experience. These enhancements will further elevate the software’s performance and user satisfaction.


Yes, NDIS software often includes communication and collaboration tools that enable seamless interactions between Participants, Support Workers, and service Providers. These features may include secure messaging systems, shared calendars, and real-time updates on service plans and progress. Improved communication enhances coordination and ensures that everyone involved in the participant’s care is informed and on the same page.
CareMaster offers a comprehensive range of communication and data transfer tools tailored to benefit all NDIS stakeholders. These tools are specifically designed to enhance operational efficiencies by streamlining and automating repetitive tasks, thereby reducing reliance on emails and phone calls. By minimising human error, these tools ensure greater operational efficiency and maintain consistency in essential processes.
With CareMaster’s integrated communication and data transfer solutions, stakeholders can experience smoother interactions, improved workflows, and enhanced overall performance in managing NDIS operations.
NDIS software can be both cloud-based and locally installed, depending on the provider and the specific needs of the organisation. Cloud-based solutions offer the advantage of accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, automatic updates, and data backup. Locally installed software, on the other hand, may provide increased control over data management and security, but it may require more maintenance and updates.
CareMaster operates on a cloud-based platform, offering users a seamless, cost-free, and effortless update experience. This eliminates the need for onsite updates or costly modifications that may arise from software relying on existing non-purpose-built NDIS CRM systems. By leveraging its own purpose-built cloud infrastructure, CareMaster ensures a smooth and efficient update process, guaranteeing optimal performance and user satisfaction.
NDIS software typically includes outcome tracking and reporting functionalities that allow support organisations to monitor and assess participant progress over time. The software may offer tools to record and analyse data related to individual goals, milestones, and assessments. These features help track the effectiveness of interventions and services, allowing organisations to make data-driven decisions and tailor support plans to better meet Participants’ evolving needs.
CareMaster offers highly robust participant tracking software that encompasses the entirety of NDIS services in one comprehensive solution. Experience the power of our software firsthand by requesting a free demonstration today. During the demonstration, we will showcase how CareMaster adeptly addresses key concerns and resolves bottlenecks faced by your NDIS provider business. Our software is specifically designed to optimise your operational efficiency and streamline participant tracking, ensuring a seamless and effective experience for both your team and the individuals you serve.
Yes, NDIS software often includes features for managing NDIS claims and invoicing efficiently. It can automate the claim submission process, track the status of claims, and handle billing and invoicing for services provided to NDIS Participants. This streamlines financial management and reduces administrative burdens for disability support organisations.
CareMaster boasts seamless integration with a wide array of systems, notably prominent accounting-based software such as Xero, QuickBooks, MYOB, and others. This robust integration enhances the efficiency of financial management processes, allowing users to effortlessly synchroniSe data and access critical information across platforms. By providing such comprehensive integration, CareMaster enables users to optimise their accounting practices and streamline their workflows, ensuring a seamless experience in managing their NDIS operations.
Reputable NDIS software Providers prioritise accessibility and ensure their platforms are compatible with assistive technologies. They may offer features such as screen readers, keyboard navigation options, and compatibility with various devices to cater to users with diverse needs, including Participants with disabilities.
In 2023, CareMaster demonstrated its commitment to enhancing user experience by enlisting the expertise of both user experience professionals and statistical marketers. This strategic decision aimed to improve the overall user experience not only for Participants but also for Providers, support coordinators, and operational staff. Recognising user experience as a fundamental pillar of software development, CareMaster’s investment in these skilled professionals underscores the organisation’s dedication to delivering a superior NDIS software experience.
By prioritising user-centric design and usability, CareMaster not only aims for an exceptional software solution but also seeks to contribute to a more effective and efficient NDIS ecosystem.
Yes, many NDIS software solutions offer integration capabilities to connect with other systems commonly used by NDIS disability support organisations. These integrations may include financial software, electronic health records (EHR) systems, workforce management tools, and government reporting and payment systems. Seamless integration allows for smoother data exchange, better workflow efficiency across various aspects of service delivery and a more refined ability to manage cash flow and funding.
CareMaster offers comprehensive support for a wide range of integrations, alongside specialised tools designed to facilitate seamless and precise data transfers for payments and obligations within the NDIS framework. With these integrations and data transfer tools in place, CareMaster ensures efficiency and accuracy in handling NDIS-related financial transactions and compliance requirements. By streamlining data transfers, CareMaster empowers users to navigate the complexities of the NDIS ecosystem with ease, ultimately enhancing their overall experience and operational effectiveness.

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The CareMaster NDIS Software is designed for all business sizes and growth trajectories. A fully integrated end-to-end solution for NDIS and Age Care Providers our software is as powerful as it is diverse, supporting all business disciplines from managers to Support Workers; Human Resources to accounts payable; compliance and everything else in between! Ask questions, learn about our software features and understand our pricing and ongoing support!