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Elevate the Participant experience within your NDIS Provider business with CareMaster’s Participant App. Seamlessly integrated with administrative and support tools, it promotes effortless support requests, streamlines personal details, document control, and introduces an array of time-saving features, effectively reducing errors and saving valuable time

CareMaster NDIS Software Features Are Industry Sourced for Authenticity!

Discover our extensive array of NDIS software features enabling automation, alerts, guidance, and productivity!

Industry-informed, CareMaster NDIS CRM integrates NDIS Support Worker and Participant Apps, showcasing tailored features.

Industry Influence

CareMaster takes pride in being designed by industry experts for the industry. We value the feedback and insights of professionals like you, and we invite you to join our influencer panel. Your valuable input will help shape the future development of our platform, ensuring it continues to meet the evolving needs of the industry and provide the best possible solutions for our users.

Help Desk aids CareMaster NDIS software, including admin and app features.

Help Desk

CareMaster’s help desk is always at the ready to support your team. If you need assistance or have any questions, our dedicated support team is here to provide prompt and helpful solutions. With our reliable help desk, you can be confident that any issues or queries will be addressed efficiently, ensuring smooth operations and a positive user experience for your

CareMaster NDIS CRM ensures seamless work integration with Xero and MYOB, optimising financial management.


CareMaster provides support and implementation for integrating with a wide range of software solutions. We ensure a smooth connection with various systems, tools, and applications, making it easy to streamline your organisation’s operations and enhance overall efficiency.

CareMaster NDIS Software Connectivity: linking Administrators, Support Workers, Participants and external systems.


CareMaster provides API connectivity to facilitate seamless integrations and data transfers where required. Our API allows for smooth communication between CareMaster and external systems, enabling efficient data exchange and integration with other software solutions, ensuring a cohesive and interconnected ecosystem that enhances productivity and data flow for your organisation.

CareMaster NDIS Software's Bug Reporting Administrator feature records issue reporting in the Participant App or Support Worker App.

Bug Reporting

CareMaster’s Bug Reporting feature allows users to report software issues with ease, ensuring fast updates and fixes. This streamlined process ensures that any problems or glitches encountered within the platform can be promptly addressed by our development team, resulting in swift resolutions and continuous improvement of the software for a seamless user experience.

CareMaster is an Australian-owned NDIS Software Solutions company with Administrator Features, a Support Worker and a Participant App.

100% Australian-Owned

CareMaster is a 100% Australian-owned and operated business, proud of its local roots and commitment to serving the Australian community. With a deep understanding of the local healthcare landscape and a focus on delivering high-quality solutions, CareMaster remains dedicated to supporting the needs of Australian organisations and Participants.

The NDIS Support Worker app by CareMaster ensures seamless information flow, supported by its efficient document management feature.

Partnering With Like-Minded NDIS Professionals With a Shared Vision

Embark on the benefits offered by NDIS software updates, training assistance, and dedicated support services. 

CareMaster follows a robust and well-financed route, unwavering in its commitment. Our pledge revolves around providing the NDIS sector with a NDIS software solution that fosters top-tier Providers, elevating their client services. With a reliable series of software releases, continuous improvements, innovative attributes driven by Provider insights, and an all-encompassing package of onboarding, training, and help desk provisions, CareMaster cements its position as an NDIS Software Provider that consistently exceeds anticipated standards.

Are You Currently Seeking a High-Quality NDIS Software Solution for a Provider Client?

CareMaster’s onboarding and sales team offers a wealth of resources to address inquiries, particularly those that shape the future evolution of our NDIS software. 

We underscore the software’s capacity to substantially amplify the growth and adaptability of your Provider Client. Should you possess any lingering questions or require assistance with your tendering requirements, our dedicated team stands ready to provide support. Feel free to contact us for additional information.

CareMaster's NDIS CRM is a versatile program that simplifies accounting, payroll, award interpretation, and CRM integration.

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201 reviews   |   1K + Downloads
894 Ratings   |   1K + Downloads
201 reviews   |   1K + Downloads
894 Ratings   |   1K + Downloads
CareMaster's NDIS Support Worker app streamlines workers with calendars, time sheets, and shift management tools.

Wait a Hot Minute, CareMaster Did What?

Empowering Participants with unparalleled convenience, the Participant App’s support request feature enables seamless 24/7 support requests. This innovative tool puts control at Participants’ fingertips, allowing them to request assistance whenever they need it. Whether day or night, this user-friendly feature streamlines the support request process, ensuring Participants’ needs are met promptly and efficiently.

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The CareMaster NDIS Support Worker App empowers support workers with participant data for improved and more engaging support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The NDIS Participant App can be found on both the Apple and Android App Stores
  • Participants have the ability to personalise their profiles according to their preferences
  • Participants may transfer vital information
  • The NDIS Participant App enables complete document management, including storage, uploading, downloading, and reviewing of service agreements and plans
  • In-app support service: support requests the chronological booking dashboard displays upcoming support sessions, costs, allocated hours, and booking information alerts: notifications and reminders
  • Secure login: username/email and password
  • Service signature: NDIS Participants may formally sign off on completed shifts
  • Support help: family member/guardian contact details
  • News: receive broadcasted news and information
  • Track personal progress including Participant goal management
  • Mark leave and availability for services

The CareMaster NDIS Participant App is a valuable tool that greatly assists NDIS Providers in managing their services effectively by supporting participants with a tool that, in turn, supports their own care and the quality of the outcomes a Provider may achieve.

The app streamlines communication between Providers and Participants, enabling seamless scheduling and booking of support services. With NDIS plan budgeting integrated into the app, Participants can easily track and manage basic budget allocations (Provider optional feature), ensuring that services stay within the allocated funding.

Moreover, the app empowers participants to update their personal details, availability, and cancellations, enabling Providers to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, enhancing the quality and efficiency of service delivery. Overall, the CareMaster NDIS Participant App proves to be an indispensable asset for NDIS Providers, promoting better coordination, improved client-Provider relationships, and optimised service provision.

Yes, the NDIS Participant App does have booking capabilities. It allows Participants to schedule and book support services with NDIS Providers efficiently. The app’s booking feature streamlines the process, making it convenient for participants to manage their appointments and access the services they need.

During the process, a participant may see the status of their support request in the NDIS Participant App. This functionality enhances communication between Participants and Providers, ensuring a smoother and more organised service delivery process.

Yes, the NDIS Participant App has NDIS plan budgeting capabilities. This feature enables participants to track and manage their NDIS plan budget allocations within the app. Participants can easily monitor their funding and expenditure, ensuring that the services they receive stay within the limits of their allocated budget.
NDIS plan budgeting functionality in the app provides participants with greater financial control and empowers them to make informed decisions about their support services while staying compliant with their NDIS funding guidelines.
It is important to note here that this feature is an option for Providers and may be turned on or off depending on their business.

Yes, a Participant can update their personal details and availability in the NDIS Participant App. The App allows participants to maintain and manage their profile information, ensuring that it remains accurate and up-to-date. Participants can edit their personal details, such as contact information and other relevant data, as needed.

Additionally, the App enables Participants to specify their availability for support services, making it easier for Providers to schedule appointments and coordinate services based on the Participant’s preferences and availability. This feature enhances communication between Participants and Providers and contributes to a more efficient and personalised service delivery experience.

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The CareMaster NDIS Software is designed for all business sizes and growth trajectories. A fully integrated end-to-end solution for NDIS and Age Care Providers our software is as powerful as it is diverse, supporting all business disciplines from managers to Support Workers; Human Resources to accounts payable; compliance and everything else in between! Ask questions, learn about our software features and understand our pricing and ongoing support!