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The CareMaster Support Worker App is a game-changer in care delivery. It empowers Support Workers with real-time updates, streamlined communication, efficient scheduling, and secure Participant information access. Its seamless integration with the CareMaster administration cloud-based NDIS software ensures smooth coordination, enhanced efficiency, and top-notch care provision.

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Industry-informed, CareMaster NDIS CRM integrates NDIS Support Worker and Participant Apps, showcasing tailored features.

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CareMaster takes pride in being designed by industry experts for the industry. We value the feedback and insights of professionals like you, and we invite you to join our influencer panel. Your valuable input will help shape the future development of our platform, ensuring it continues to meet the evolving needs of the industry and provide the best possible solutions for our users.

CareMaster NDIS CRM provides clients with free training tools, including videos and guides, enhancing platform use.

Training Tools

CareMaster offers free comprehensive training tools for clients, providing easy access to video tutorials, training documents, and a resource center. Additionally, clients can participate in webinars that offer updates on new features and training sessions. This robust training program ensures that clients stay informed, proficient, and up-to-date with the latest platform features, maximising their productivity and optimising their experience with CareMaster.

Help Desk aids CareMaster NDIS software, including admin and app features.

Help Desk

CareMaster’s help desk is always at the ready to support your team. If you need assistance or have any questions, our dedicated support team is here to provide prompt and helpful solutions. With our reliable help desk, you can be confident that any issues or queries will be addressed efficiently, ensuring smooth operations and a positive user experience for your

CareMaster NDIS CRM ensures seamless work integration with Xero and MYOB, optimising financial management.


CareMaster provides support and implementation for integrating with a wide range of software solutions. We ensure a smooth connection with various systems, tools, and applications, making it easy to streamline your organisation’s operations and enhance overall efficiency.

CareMaster NDIS Software Connectivity: linking Administrators, Support Workers, Participants and external systems.


CareMaster provides API connectivity to facilitate seamless integrations and data transfers where required. Our API allows for smooth communication between CareMaster and external systems, enabling efficient data exchange and integration with other software solutions, ensuring a cohesive and interconnected ecosystem that enhances productivity and data flow for your organisation.

CareMaster NDIS Software Training for Administrators and Support Workers acquaint users with skills to navigate the system.

CareMaster NDIS Software Training

CareMaster offers personalised training solutions to meet your organisation’s needs. Whether you prefer one-on-one sessions or group training, our expert specialists are available to provide comprehensive training on using the CareMaster platform effectively. These training sessions ensure that your team gains the necessary skills and knowledge to make the most of the platform’s features, enabling smooth adoption and maximising the benefits of CareMaster for your organisation.

The NDIS Support Worker app by CareMaster ensures seamless information flow, supported by its efficient document management feature.

Benefit from NDIS Software Updates, Training Support, and Dedicated Help Services

CareMaster maintains a steadfast well funded roadmap with an unwavering focus.

We are committed to providing the NDIS industry with an NDIS software solution that cultivates quality providers, enabling them to better serve their clients. With consistent software releases, continuous updates, innovative features inspired by provider feedback, and comprehensive onboarding, training, and help desk resources, CareMaster sets a precedent as an NDIS Software provider that consistently exceeds expectations.

Are You in Search of a High-Quality NDIS Software Solution for a Provider Client?

Are you seeking a top-tier NDIS software solution for a Provider Client? The CareMaster onboarding and sales team possesses comprehensive resources to address any inquiries, particularly those shaping the future evolution of our NDIS software.

We emphasise how this software will significantly augment the growth and adaptability of your Provider Client. Should you have lingering questions or require assistance with your tendering requirements, our dedicated team is here to assist. Feel free to reach out for further clarification.

CareMaster's NDIS CRM is a versatile program that simplifies accounting, payroll, award interpretation, and CRM integration.

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201 reviews   |   1K + Downloads
894 Ratings   |   1K + Downloads
201 reviews   |   1K + Downloads
894 Ratings   |   1K + Downloads
CareMaster's NDIS Support Worker app streamlines workers with calendars, time sheets, and shift management tools.

Wait a Hot Minute, CareMaster Has What?

Introducing the Participant App CareMaster is thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: a brand-new app that seamlessly connects to both the cloud-based administrative portal and the Support Worker app. This app serves as a catalyst for growth, allowing Participants to directly request support through its interface. But that’s just the beginning – explore the array of other time-saving features recently launched on the CareMaster NDIS Participant App.

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The CareMaster NDIS Support Worker App empowers support workers with participant data for improved and more engaging support.

Frequently Asked Questions

The NDIS Support Worker App offers various benefits to both Providers and Support Workers in the following ways:
  • Efficient scheduling: the App streamlines the scheduling process, making it easier for providers to manage support worker assignments and appointments.
  • Real-time updates: providers receive real-time updates on participant schedules, cancellations, and changes, ensuring they stay informed and can adapt their services accordingly.
  • Time and resource savings: by automating administrative tasks like timesheets and invoices, the app reduces paperwork, saving time and resources for providers.
  • Improved communication: the app facilitates direct communication between providers and Support Workers, fostering better coordination and information sharing.
  • Enhanced service delivery: providers can access participant profiles and preferences, allowing them to deliver more personalised and client-centred services.
  • Better accountability: the app enables tracking of support worker activities and service delivery, ensuring accountability and quality assurance.
  • Scheduling and shift management: Support Workers can access their assigned shifts, update availability, and receive notifications for any changes or new assignments. This ensures effective coordination and minimises scheduling conflicts, allowing uninterrupted care provision.
  • Participant profile: Support Workers have access to vital information about the individuals they assist, including medical history, care plans, medications, and specific requirements/preferences. This knowledge enables personalised care and tailored responses to each patient’s needs.
  • Communication and collaboration: the App provides a secure platform for communication among the Provider team. Support Workers can exchange messages with supervisors, colleagues, coordinators, payroll, and others, ensuring prompt information sharing and enhanced teamwork.
  • Comprehensive documentation features: Support Workers can record important details about the care provided, such as progress notes, vital signs, medications administered, and observations. Digital documentation streamlines processes, promotes accuracy, and facilitates effective communication with other professionals.
  • NDIS incident reports: the incident report feature allows Support Workers to document and report incidents, providing valuable information for improving operational processes, training and escalation, ensuring overall safety and support services.
The integration of these features within the Support Worker App significantly enhances the efficiency, communication, and overall quality of care provided to NDIS Participants, making them pivotal components of this comprehensive software solution. However, it is important to note that these features represent just the starting point of CareMaster’s end-to-end NDIS software suite.
We encourage those interested in the CareMaster NDIS software to request a demonstration for a more comprehensive understanding of not only its feature set but also how it seamlessly supports critical processes such as payroll management, auditing, intelligent scheduling, and more. By exploring the complete suite of capabilities, users can fully appreciate the transformative potential of CareMaster’s software in optimising NDIS service delivery and streamlining operations.
Yes, the NDIS Support Worker App does have roster and timesheet capabilities. The App allows Support Workers to access their assigned shifts, update their availability, and view their schedules through a user-friendly calendar view. The app also automates timesheet submissions, allowing Support Workers to mark the start and end of each shift, generating automatic timesheet entries for payroll submission.
This feature includes a built-in tracking or geo-stamping feature to capture the support worker’s location during app usage for verification and auditing purposes. These capabilities streamline scheduling and timesheet management, saving time and improving overall efficiency for Support Workers and providers.
Yes, the NDIS Support Worker App includes Participant case notes functionality. Support Workers can create detailed case notes within the app to record important information about the care they provide to NDIS Participants. These case notes can include progress updates, vital observations, medications administered, NDIS goals, and any other relevant details pertaining to the Participants’ support.
The App’s case notes feature is equipped with tools to enhance accuracy and flexibility in documenting high-quality case information. Support Workers can attach voice recordings, images, and files to enrich the notes with relevant multimedia content. Case notes can also be designated as high priority for specific details that must be read prior to a support being received.
Furthermore, in scenarios involving group support with multiple Participants, Support Workers can apply case notes individually to each Participant as appropriate. The App also allows Support Workers to link case notes to specific Participant goals, adding precision to the documentation.
Overall, the Participant case notes functionality within the NDIS Support Worker App ensures comprehensive and accurate documentation of the care provided, enabling effective information sharing and continuity in the provision of support services.
Empower your Support Workers with the NDIS Support Worker App – a powerful tool designed to enhance their efficiency and optimise care delivery to NDIS Participants. With our user-friendly app, Support Workers can easily manage their availability, ensuring seamless scheduling and planning for future support shifts. They can update their personal details and even add a profile picture, creating a personalised and professional touch for Participants. Our App streamlines communication, making it effortless for Support Workers to exchange messages with supervisors, coordinators, and the entire Provider team, fostering better collaboration and information sharing. Take your support services to the next level with the NDIS Support Worker App and unlock the full potential of your team today!

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