The Worker chat log in CareMaster’s NDIS software is purpose-built for streamlined communication among workers, specifically concerning a specific Participant. This comprehensive chat log is accessible both in the administration portal and the Support Worker app. It serves as a convenient platform for workers attending to the same Participant to exchange messages and updates related to the Participant’s care, focusing on recent developments. To facilitate easy tracking of conversations, the chat log is time and date stamped, resembling the familiar format of an SMS feed on a smartphone. This internal messaging feature eliminates the need for additional SMS costs, optimising monthly expenses for the business. Workers assigned to a particular support are automatically included in the chat log and can conveniently access these conversations within their worker app. Administrators can locate the chat log within the Participant’s profile. Furthermore, the worker chat functionality includes the flexibility to leave audio messages and allows file and photo uploads, enhancing communication capabilities and information sharing among workers.

An NDIS Support uses CareMaster’s Worker Chat Logs to communicate with Next Support regarding a Participant.
CareMaster software allow communication among Support workers through the Worker Chat Logs feature of the system for an efficient exchange of messages to assist a specific NDIS Participant.