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Bridge the Gap: Enhance NDIS Information Management with the Participant App
Last Updated: 10/05/2023
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A comprehensive NDIS management software must address the needs of not only provider businesses and Support Workers but also the participants. CareMaster recognises this imperative and has diligently developed an NDIS solution in close collaboration with NDIS stakeholders. We are pleased to introduce the CareMaster NDIS Participant App, the latest addition to our software suite.

Prior to exploring the app’s features, it is essential to examine the underlying business rationale for providers to adopt an app tailored specifically for their Participants. This evaluation encompasses the benefits the app offers to participants and the mutually advantageous outcomes it brings to provider businesses, optimising Participant management processes through the app’s utilisation.

Why Providers Use the CareMaster NDIS Participant App

NDIS Participant & Provider Communication

Undoubtedly, one of the most crucial features of the Participant App is the significantly improved and synchronised communication it establishes with the administration software. This advancement has resulted in Participants no longer needing to resort to calling or emailing to request support. Furthermore, this enhancement extends to the Web-Browser solution for administrators, offering a user-friendly dashboard for effortless support management and approvals.

This seamless integration not only enables round-the-clock communication but also facilitates streamlined conversations without delays or the risk of missing important calls or emails. As a result, the process of managing supports becomes remarkably efficient, ensuring ease of use and optimal levels of effectiveness.

NDIS Document Management

With the inclusion of this helpful feature, the Participant App eliminates the need for emails, printing, and concerns about document management skills. Participants, Providers, and Support Workers now have the convenience of handling documents within a single, user-friendly platform. Gone are the days of chasing specifics through emails or phone calls, as the app enables seamless document transactions among all relevant stakeholders.

NDIS Support Management: Calendar View

Participants can now access a comprehensive overview of their support bookings through the app. In conjunction with the capability to request supports, this feature essentially functions as an NDIS Participant Diary, providing participants with a clear and organised schedule of their support engagements.

NDIS Support Management: Essential Details

Managing essential details about Participants can be challenging, even under the best circumstances. However, with the Participant App, participants now have the power to maintain control over their personal information. This feature empowers them to easily edit and update every aspect of their details across all CareMaster NDIS software, ensuring accuracy and consistency throughout the platform.

NDIS Participant App Features

App Store Downloads

The Participant App is readily available for download on both the Apple and Android platforms. You can conveniently access it by visiting the following links:

• To download from the Apple App store, please click here.

• To download from the Android App store, please click here.

Participant Secure Login

The login process for the Participant App has been meticulously crafted to prioritise security and robustness, ensuring the utmost protection of Participant and company data. To access the app, users are required to provide their Email/User Name and create a strong Password, thus ensuring a secure authentication process.

Participant Support Schedule View

Upon logging in to the Participant App, users will be presented with the scheduled view, displaying a comprehensive list of all upcoming supports arranged chronologically by time. Each support session is intelligently organised, presenting essential details in a user-friendly format. Participants can easily view pertinent information such as the type of support, Support Date, Support Time, and the designated Support Worker. This intuitive layout enables effortless tracking of the support schedule at a quick glance, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.

Participant Support Details 

When a support entry is clicked in the calendar view, the Participant gains access to more comprehensive details about the scheduled NDIS support. Standard information such as the date, time, and support type is prominently listed. Moreover, the Participant can view the quantity of supports to be provided on that specific day and time, along with the associated cost.

For Participants or guardians using the app remotely, crucial real-time information is available, including the status of the job. This feature allows them to determine if the support has already commenced, identify the Support Worker responsible (profile photo shown), and ascertain the precise time it began. Additionally, the app provides insight into the NDIS goals associated with that particular support, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the process.

NDIS Participant Support Approvals and Billing

Located at the bottom of the specific support details view is the option to sign off on a support session. This functionality empowers the Participant or their guardian to automatically confirm the completion of the shift, signaling to the CareMaster software that the support is ready for invoicing. With just a simple click of a button, the Participant is provided with the “Support Completed” approval option, streamlining the process and ensuring a smooth transition to invoicing procedures.

NDIS Participant Support Cancelling and Notifications

Located at the bottom of the support window is the “Cancel Support” button, allowing participants to conveniently cancel a support session. When activated, this feature automatically notifies both the CareMaster software and users with administrative licenses, such as Support Coordinators. This functionality enables the business to respond swiftly and reallocate resources effectively in response to last-minute changes or cancellations, optimising support management processes.

NDIS Participant Support Calendar View

At the top of the menu page, you’ll find a calendar icon. Clicking on this icon opens a calendar view, offering Participants the convenience of accessing both past and future supports effortlessly. Participants can easily review past support sessions and sign off on them, notifying the CareMaster NDIS Software that these supports are ready for invoicing.

Moreover, this feature also allows Participants to proactively cancel support well in advance by providing reasons to the provider, such as upcoming holidays or medical appointments. By utilising this option, Participants can effectively manage their support schedule and communicate any changes or cancellations with ease, ensuring smoother coordination with the service provider.

NDIS Particpant In-App Support Requests 

The front page features a prominent button labeled “Request Support.” Tapping on this button opens a new viewer window within the app, titled “New Support.” This empowers Participants to initiate a support request conveniently. The process commences with a calendar button to select the preferred date for the support. Participants can further specify the desired start and end times for the support, along with the option to add a brief note addressed to the Support Coordinator.

Upon pressing the “Submit Request” button, the Participant receives reassurance that the message and request have been sent, and a notification is generated to confirm the submission. The request is then directed to the administrator software, where the professional managing support requests in the office can finalise the booking. The Coordinator’s dashboard displays a comprehensive list of requested supports, utilising color coding to indicate the request status and whether it has been processed.

Throughout this process, Participants receive timely updates regarding changes in the request status. This efficient workflow ensures that no support requests are overlooked, and each request is managed with a high level of user experience for the administrator, while maintaining an easy and intuitive interface for the participant.

My Funding (Optional Feature)

Within the “My Funding Page,” participants and their families can access a comprehensive array of crucial information pertaining to their funding and supports. This includes essential details such as the type of support provided and the corresponding funding amounts, along with a breakdown of how much of the allocated funds have been utilised by the provider.

Previously, Plan managers or support coordinators had to manually produce a summary of services or generate reports encompassing past supports and related details. However, this feature now offers a convenient alternative, allowing participants to access these details directly without relying on manual summaries or reports.

Notably, this feature is optional for provider businesses, granting them the flexibility to enable or disable it based on their specific preferences and requirements.

NDIS Participant: Personal Information

The Participant personal information section of the Participant App offers a range of features carefully designed to streamline Participant care and facilitate the smooth flow of accurate information to the CareMaster software. Among these features, participants can effortlessly update their basic contact information and profile image. These capabilities ensure that the most up-to-date and accurate details are readily available, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the care management process.

NDIS Participant Profile

Within the “My Profile” section, Participants have the convenient ability to update their profile photo, name, email, and phone number. Any changes made in this section will automatically synchronise and update the corresponding profile information in the CareMaster NDIS software. The flexibility extends to allowing guardians, caregivers, or family members to enter and manage these details on behalf of the Participant, ensuring that the profile remains accurate and up-to-date at all times.

NDIS Participant  Document Management 

The Participant App features a comprehensive document management tool that seamlessly updates documents into the participant’s profile within the administration license utilised by Support Coordinators or administration staff. This purpose-built section serves as a repository for a wide range of important documents, including signed agreements, medical records, medication charts, surveys, quotations, progress reports, care plans, and more.

Participants enjoy easy access to review, upload, and download these files at their convenience. Furthermore, providers can also contribute to this section by uploading their own documents, enabling the transfer of forms through the app for completion and resupply. This process is designed to be intuitive, secure, and systematic.

Participants have the flexibility to upload various file types, including documents, images, and recordings, and they can organise them into pre-set folders for effortless reference and filing in the future. The app allows files to be uploaded from multiple sources such as Icloud, OneDrive, and phone galleries, ensuring a convenient and user-friendly experience. All files uploaded from the app are meticulously attached to the participant’s profile in CareMaster, ensuring the seamless integration and accessibility of documents for efficient care management.

NDIS News & Internal Message Broadcasting

The News section within the CareMaster NDIS Participant app adds an invaluable layer of communication with participants, fostering a stronger sense of loyalty and support between them and the service provider.

This feature serves a diverse range of purposes, allowing for targeted communication with selected Participant groups regarding upcoming day trips, events, or special occasions. It also facilitates participant-wide announcements, such as holiday greetings or news that may impact their NDIS plans. Additionally, businesses can utilise this section to deliver provider-specific updates to their participants.

News broadcasting entails notifying two or more participants about a specific subject matter, ensuring efficient and effective dissemination of information. All news items are presented in chronological order, allowing participants to access the history of news at their fingertips. This seamless access to news updates enhances Participant engagement and ensures they stay informed and connected with the latest developments.

NDIS Participant Leave Requests

The Leave Requests feature is purposefully designed to assist providers in managing absentee supports proactively, thereby minimising last-minute cancellations without prior notification. Providers are encouraged to use this section in conjunction with effective communication to participants, emphasising that last-minute cancellations, even when supported in the app, should be a last resort or reserved for unforeseen circumstances.

By submitting Leave Requests, providers can efficiently manage their resources during the specified period, allocating them to other participants and supports as needed. This feature allows providers to specify the time and date period for the leave, and they can customise the reasons for the request during the onboarding stage or at a later date.

Upon submitting a Leave Request, the rostering team is promptly alerted of the change, enabling them to take necessary action, such as removing any future scheduled supports, whether they are one-off or part of a regular pattern booking. Existing leave requests are also conveniently displayed for ease of reference, ensuring smooth coordination and operational efficiency.

For those interested in a more in-depth understanding of CareMaster’s award interpretation, timesheet management, and payroll integration with various NDIS software platforms, CareMaster offers personalised demonstrations focused on the accounting software integration. To arrange a visual demonstration and gain a comprehensive understanding, please reach out to CareMaster for assistance.

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