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Last Updated: 10/05/2023
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NDIS History Simplified

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) in Australia began its trial phase in 2013, with tests in South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales, and Victoria. The purpose was to evaluate the scheme before a nationwide rollout. Launched in 2016, the NDIS is now being implemented across Australia, with completion expected by 2024. It provides support and funding for people with disabilities, helping them reach their goals and to assist them with participating in society.

The NDIS has evolved significantly since its inception, with changes resulting from feedback across the sector. Understanding the NDIS history and how the scheme has evolved is crucial as it impacts all stakeholders, including participants, carers, service Providers, and the development of NDIS software. A NDIS software that benefits a business the most is one that can adapt to this change and is scalable to assist with a Provider’s growth.

A Support Worker & an NDIS Participant coordinated through NDIS Software Package that CareMaster offer.
The CareMaster NDIS Software Package integrates Providers, Support Workers, and Participants
for an enhanced service coordination by streamlining communication, reporting, payments,
scheduling and more in one platform.

CareMaster NDIS Software Ecosystem

CareMaster NDIS software is an ecosystem that links Providers, Support Workers, Administrators and Particpants in one seamless software to improve NDIS service delivery. The platforms provide users with purpose-built solutions that maximise communication, reporting, payments, scheduling, incidents and more.

Care TypeSoftware NameAccess TypeStakeholder
CareMasterCloud-Based Software
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  • Business and Operations Managers
  • Support Coordinators
  • Administrators
  • Plan Managers
  • Accountants & Payroll
  • Human Resources
CareMasterA Support Worker App
(Apple & Android App download)
  • NDIS Support Workers
  • Nurses
  • Age Care Workers
CareMasterParticipant App
(Apple & Android App download)
  • NDIS Participants
  • NDIS Participant Family Members

The CareMaster NDIS software ecosystem operates on four pillars, which effectively manage the five key stakeholders of the NDIS. These pillars seamlessly integrate with one another, enabling the platform to meet the end-to-end requirements of the NDIS. This comprehensive NDIS software solution offers unparalleled versatility to a wide range of Providers, setting it apart from other options in the market. Notably, the Participant is at the core of all actions, reflecting an ideology that places continual improvement of services by Providers and a holistic approach to NDIS management. With each new feature, CareMaster advances its mission to improve the lives of people living with disabilities.

In addition to the stakeholders mentioned earlier, CareMaster’s NDIS software seamlessly integrates with accountants, auditors, community transport services, and other entities. The result is a highly versatile software solution that stands out as the most comprehensive and effective in the market. NDIS Providers who utilise the software to its full potential or grow with it as their business expands can benefit from unparalleled cost and time savings.

CareMaster Pricing Model

CareMaster’s pricing model comprises two main components: monthly subscription licenses and training packages. The training packages, which vary in content and cost, are offered to businesses following a demonstration of the product and after determining their specific requirements. The size and diversity of staff roles are key factors in determining the most appropriate training package to meet a business’s needs.

For those interested in a more in-depth understanding of CareMaster’s award interpretation, timesheet management, and payroll integration with various NDIS software platforms, CareMaster offers personalised demonstrations focused on the accounting software integration. To arrange a visual demonstration and gain a comprehensive understanding, please reach out to CareMaster for assistance.

Need more training?
Need more training?
You can book training on new areas of the software your business is not currently using or simply onboard new staff or bush up the skills of your existing staff!
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