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Business Size (Staff Number)   Training Package Guide: Tailored to Business Size and Capabilities. Contact Our Team for Further ClarificationStart-Up SmallMedEnterprise +
Full Software Features   All Training and User Licenses Grant Full Software Access.
Software Updates   Applicable to All Software & User Licenses
Custom Reporting   Applicable to Training Packages Designed for Large Providers.
Prioritised Software Feature Development   Enterprise Level Only (Costs May Apply)
Software Setup
Client & Staff Data Upload (Basic)   Supported by Onboarding Team
Participant Profile Upload   Supported by Onboarding Team
Latest Price Guide (NDIS/Aged Care)   Supported by Onboarding Team
Accounting Software Integration   Includes: XERO,MYOB, Reckon, KeyPay - Supported by Onboarding Team
SMS/Email Messaging Integration   Supported by Onboarding Team
Custom Supports & Price Setups   Supported by Onboarding Team
Enhanced Client & Staff Data Upload   Supported by Onboarding Team
Case Notes: Migration / Upload   Supported by Onboarding Team
Document Migration / Upload   Supported by Onboarding Team
Support: Training & Onboarding
24/7 Online Knowledgebase   Links Provided at Onboarding
Video & Printed Tutorials   Links Provided at Onboarding
Dedicated Training Manager   Introduced to Provider at Onboarding
Australian Call Centre (Business Hours)   After Hours: Urgent Email Request Available
Remote Support   Phone, Email, Virtual Meetings & Remote Login
Training Videos & Printed/Digital User Guides   Links Provided at Onboarding
Dedicated Implementation Manager   Supported by Onboarding Team
Dedicated Trainer   Supported by Onboarding Team
Video Recorded Training Sessions   Links Provided at Onboarding
Access to Online Training Portal   Links Provided at Onboarding
Training, Configuration, Troubleshooting
General Training Hours   Training, Configuration & Troubleshooting Hours.8152535
Full System Training   Includes Rostering, Invoicing & Payroll
Advanced Trainning   Includes Advanced Rostering, Invoicing & Payroll
Teams Training   Training for Multiple Teams: Advanced Support for Invoicing, Payroll, Reporting.
Implementation Complex Organisations   Implementation for Complex Organisation Structures, Advanced System Configuration, Complex Roster Troubleshooting.
Concurrent Training Sessions   Multiple Training Sessions Performed at the Same Time

NDIS Software Onboarding and Training Packages

Our Training Packages offer support for concurrent user licenses and include a comprehensive suite of software features across all options. Each package comes with a range of training resources and access to account and help desk support services.
CareMaster offers various training packages to assist in onboarding and training Provider Staff. The choice depends on the number of field and Operational Staff who will use CareMaster daily. We tailor the training to match your team’s needs, ensuring a smooth transition and effective use of our platform. Contact us to explore the best training package for your organisation.

The Sprout training package is carefully tailored to support single-worker businesses with up to five staff members. Due to the intimate nature of the training sessions, where a few staff attend each class, CareMaster finds that these smaller businesses are often the fastest and easiest to onboard. With typically fewer NDIS services being offered and managed, the transition becomes seamless and efficient.

Designed to encompass a full range of software features, the Sprout training package is dedicated to assisting your business and its workers in every aspect. From seamlessly transitioning patient records and relevant data to providing a comprehensive multi-day training course, CareMaster ensures that your Provider business is set up for success. This comprehensive training package not only equips your team with the necessary knowledge but also includes assisted first pay runs, ensuring a smooth transition into CareMaster’s platform.

Rest assured, many of CareMaster’s Provider clients fit within the small business category mostly in part because we were once like you, so we understand your unique needs and are well-prepared to support your business every step of the way. With the Sprout training package, you can confidently embrace the full potential of CareMaster and propel your business to new heights of efficiency and excellence. Let us be your trusted partner in the journey towards seamless NDIS service management.
Wow your business has grown, working with a team of 10 to 35 staff members, all requiring an NDIS software solution. At CareMaster, we are here to support your growth with a training package tailored to your business size, data needs, and future expansion. Whether you seek to refine your existing provider capabilities or prepare for further growth, our comprehensive training package has you covered.

With increased training hours, additional data supply and implementation support, account integration assistance, and payroll walk-throughs, we ensure no aspect of CareMaster is overlooked. Each training session will be filmed, and you’ll have access to an online training portal and a range of user guides for easy reference among your staff. Moreover, our dedicated account manager and onboarding specialist will be there to guide you through one of the most significant changes in your business capabilities as a Provider.

CareMaster’s training packages are designed to support the onboarding and training of Provider staff, considering the specific needs of your field and operational teams who will be utilising our platform daily. We take pride in customising the training experience to match your organisation’s unique requirements, ensuring a seamless transition and optimal utilisation of our platform.

Feel free to reach out to us to discover the most suitable training package that aligns with your organisation’s growth and goals. Our team is ready to assist you in harnessing the full potential of CareMaster to drive your business forward in the NDIS landscape.
By selecting the Bloom training package, you can expect an elevated level of supported training and onboarding hours, along with access to the full suite of software features and concurrent user licenses. This comprehensive package is designed to provide your organisation with extensive training and support, empowering your team to make the most of CareMaster’s robust capabilities. With the Bloom training package, you gain the tools and resources needed to optimise your NDIS operations and deliver exceptional care to Participants. Among our most sought-after packages, Bloom caters to businesses that have attained a controlled operational size or transitioned from a less sophisticated or feature-limited NDIS software Provider, thereby outgrowing their existing capabilities.

The Bloom training package is tailored to accommodate NDIS Providers with approximately 35 to 50 workers and operational staff who require daily use of NDIS software. With an emphasis on a smooth and comprehensive onboarding process, this package empowers your team to make the most of CareMaster’s sophisticated features and capabilities.

CareMaster is committed to providing exceptional training and support, ensuring your organisation’s seamless integration and efficient utilisation of our platform. For NDIS Providers seeking to elevate their operational capacity and service delivery, the Bloom training package is the ideal solution. Contact us today to explore how Bloom can propel your organisation to new levels of efficiency and excellence.
The Harvest package is currently CareMaster’s most utilised and sought-after training and onboarding solution. Its popularity stems from its effectiveness in meeting the specific needs of businesses with 50 to 200 active staff, operating in diverse regions, and delivering a wide range of NDIS support services. With its emphasis on handling complex data integrations with ease and facilitating third-party API integrations, the Harvest package stands out as the ideal choice for organisations seeking streamlined data connectivity and operational efficiency.

CareMaster’s commitment to providing a multi-faceted training schedule further contributes to the Harvest package’s success. This tailored approach ensures that teams with similar operational professions receive training that focuses on their unique requirements, enabling each team member to become proficient in using CareMaster’s feature-rich platform.

By empowering your organisation with the Harvest training and onboarding package, CareMaster equips your team with the necessary tools and expertise to excel in their roles. With continuous support and comprehensive training, your business can effectively navigate data integration complexities and optimise workflows, ultimately leading to superior service delivery and better participant outcomes.

Embrace the Harvest package and experience why it is the most favored solution among NDIS Providers. Elevate your NDIS operations with CareMaster’s leading-edge software and personalised training, taking your organisation to new heights of success and excellence in NDIS service provision.

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201 reviews   |   1K + Downloads
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Frequently Asked Questions

CareMaster presents a range of NDIS software licenses tailored for distinct NDIS software applications. These licenses offer the flexibility to function either in tandem or independently, tailored to your specific operational requirements. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive selection of four tiers of training packages designed to facilitate a seamless onboarding process for the NDIS software and the training of your staff. The cost associated with these offerings is contingent upon factors such as the size of your team and the extent of training necessary.

Our software solution encompasses a wide array of capabilities, and our dedicated team is committed to aiding you in discerning its alignment with your existing processes. We assess numerous variables to recommend the appropriate licenses and support required for your unique needs. This personalised approach ensures that our NDIS software optimally complements your operational framework.

Of significance is our flexible licensing structure, accommodating a scenario where the number of staff members may exceed the number of licenses held. This provision proves beneficial for accommodating part-time employees or volunteers with irregular working hours. By adopting this approach, unnecessary expenditure on full licenses is mitigated, leading to potential cost savings.

In summary, CareMaster’s rationale for not displaying prices is underpinned by a strategy that focuses on customised solutions. We strive to offer tailored software licenses, training packages, and support that align with your operational demands, while simultaneously ensuring fiscal prudence through our flexible licensing model. Our overarching objective is to facilitate the optimal utilisation of our comprehensive NDIS software solutions within your organisational context.

Yes, CareMaster has concurrent NDIS software licences. Concurrent NDIS software licenses refer to a licensing model where a software application can be used by multiple Support Workers or support coordinators simultaneously, up to a specified number of concurrent users. In this licensing model, the software Provider allows a certain number of users to access and use the software concurrently, but the total number of active users cannot exceed the permitted number of licenses.

When an organisation purchases a concurrent NDIS software license, they are granted a specific number of licenses. For example, if a company buys five concurrent licenses, it means that up to five users can use the software concurrently at any given time. Within the NDIS this type of license is highly useful as the majority of field staff are not on the CareMaster software 100% of the time due to the fact they are attending to the needs of a Participant. Equally many Providers have volunteers who may only work limited hours and as such paying for a full licence would have considerable waste.

For these good reasons, CareMaster offers concurrent licenses for both its administration licenses and its Support Worker licenses.

CareMaster licenses are invoiced on a monthly basis.

CareMaster has three licenses types, these are:

Administration web-browser licences:

This license type provides comprehensive access to CareMaster’s business operations component, encompassing a wide range of features such as scheduling and rostering, payroll and timesheets, invoicing, award interpretation, incident reports, document management, alerts, reminders, and much more. Support coordinators and operations staff, who bear significant accountability and responsibility, utilise this license, granting them unrestricted access to all areas of the NDIS software.

Support Worker App licences:
The Support Worker licenses empower frontline workers to efficiently manage their daily activities while fulfilling NDIS requirements and obligations through the Support Worker App. This license equips Support Workers with a user-friendly interface, offering a full suite of tasks, including accepting support work, reviewing scheduled supports, clocking on and off shifts with automatic timesheet generation, and managing Participants with tools for goals, case notes, incidents, and more.

Participant App licences:

Designed for Providers to supply to their Participants, the Participant App license is funded by the Provider and comes at a highly affordable price. Its primary purpose is to enhance Providers’ connectivity with Participants, eliminating the need for phone calls or emails. With this license, Participants can easily request support, update personal information, manage documents, and monitor their budgeting, with the option to disable this feature if not required.

Certainly, access to each license type grants users full access to all features available on that specific license. For instance, administrators with administrator licenses have unrestricted access to all features offered by the administrator license. The same principle applies to Support Worker App licenses and Participant App licenses, providing users with complete access to their respective features.

However, it is important to emphasise that the Provider retains the capability to manage permissions and restrict certain capabilities for each license type. For instance, the Provider may apply restrictions based on access permissions, particularly when dealing with sensitive information such as confidential case notes related to mental health. In such cases, the Provider can ensure that only Support Workers with adequate training are authorised to assist these Participants, ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

In summary, while each license type provides full access to its designated features, the Provider retains the flexibility to set permissions and restrictions based on specific requirements and considerations, safeguarding the privacy and security of sensitive information as needed.

CareMaster provides comprehensive training solutions structured into four tiers, specifically tailored to facilitate efficient onboarding and staff training. Each training tier is delivered by a dedicated CareMaster onboarding and training specialist. The pricing of these training packages is tiered, aligning with the organisation’s size and the number of staff members requiring training.

For a detailed breakdown of the training package contents and inclusions, kindly refer to the training package table located at the top of this page. This table will offer a comprehensive overview of the training offerings available to meet the specific needs of your organisation. If you require further clarity please complete an enquiry form on this website or call our team today.

Certainly, CareMaster currently serves numerous Providers across Australia, including many well-known organisations. The CareMaster management team acknowledges the distinct frameworks and operational constraints faced by large Providers due to their extensive daily activities. Consequently, CareMaster has proactively automated various processes to address these challenges. Whenever feasible and appropriate, data sharing capabilities have been implemented to support a more streamlined approach to managing business operations.

An example of this automation is evident in the automatic timesheets feature, complemented by the option of manual approvals. Data is seamlessly inputted directly from the shifts completed in the Support Worker App, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Furthermore, CareMaster takes pride in its capability and willingness to develop customised software solutions for NDIS service Providers, leveraging the robust CareMaster platform. If there is a need for additional or unique features that can aid your organisation’s growth, our team is receptive and eager to accommodate your specific requirements. Your input and ideas are highly valued as we aim to tailor our services to suit your evolving needs. We are committed to continuously enhancing our offerings and fostering a successful partnership with your organisation.

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