Rostering Functionalities

An NDIS Participant enjoys playing with a dog outdoors, assisted by a worker booked from NDIS Rostering Software.
The CareMaster’s NDIS Rostering Software is a centralised location of scheduled bookings with easy to access details helpful for Providers in managing tasks and supports.

Rostering With Bulk Changes

The rostering page in CareMaster empowers users to make bulk changes to the roster with a simple click of a button. This feature streamlines the process of making simultaneous modifications to multiple aspects of the roster. Users have the flexibility to apply bulk changes to various areas, including the date, participants, staff supports, service organisation, and service type. This functionality allows for efficient and convenient roster management, enabling users to quickly adjust and update multiple roster entries in one action. By offering the ability to make bulk changes, CareMaster enhances productivity and flexibility, ensuring accurate and synchronised rostering across different elements of the scheduling process.