CareMaster and Xero - Powerful NDIS Service Management meets powerful accounting.

Manage Employees, Awards, and Pay Rates.

Sync allowances, earnings rates, and contacts.

Send invoices and timesheets.

Automated tracking - invoice payments & client funding.


About Xero

Xero is world-leading online accounting software built for small business.

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Xero + CareMaster: Stronger Together


Capture detail with CareMaster

CareMaster features worker GPS tracking, signature capture, case notes, task lists, goal evidence, employee reminders to clock in and out, breaks and allowance options.

Timesheets and Invoices

Actual Time | Rostered Time | Multiple Workers | NDIS Support Items | Full Cost Recovery Services

Sync Your Timesheets and Invoices to Xero

While your workers support those in need, the CareMaster app will automate their timesheets so you can review, approve and sync to Xero in just a few clicks! Then use Xero to process payroll and send out your invoices. Xero will monitor your bank accounts and automatically mark invoices as paid in CareMaster.

Payroll Made Easy (do it once, do it quickly)

Take advantage of CareMaster’s seamless integration and automation with Xero to SAVE hours off processing employee payroll. Send approved timesheets from CareMaster to Xero to eliminate the time consuming task of entering data from manual timesheets and add a new level of accuracy.

CareMaster & Xero - in perfect sync!

Connect your Xero account within CareMaster with one click to create a synced environment. Old and new worker details, rates, allowances and more will be synced between both platforms.

Easy Integration


Easy Integration


Easy Integration


Connect CareMaster to Xero in 4 Steps

Step 1 : Get Started with CareMaster

Get set up

When you're ready, chat to our friendly staff and we'll get you started with your own secure CareMaster installation. Our Onboarding Specialist will work with you to get your data into the app and ready to go!

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