Terms & Conditions

For full terms and conditions, CareMasters’ standard terms and conditions for monthly licence costs will be included in the CareMaster Monthly License Agreement. To accept the promotion, the enquiring business must attend a CareMasters standard 45-minute software demonstration.

This promotion solely pertains to the onboarding costs only. This discount does not apply to software licensing costs, SMS charges, or additional “value-add” software (for example: advanced timesheets), each of which is billed separately at specified rates.

Entry Conditions & Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the March 2024 CareMaster promotion, the enquirer must:

  • Have an Australian registered business.
  • Undergo a standard 45-minute software demonstration with the CareMaster sales team.
  • Require over 10 + CareMaster software licences.

Following the software demonstration, in order to qualify for the promotion, CareMaster stipulates that confirmation must be provided by the provider via email (sales@caremaster.com.au). Subsequently, the CareMaster sales team will issue a CareMaster Monthly License Agreement delineating the terms of acceptance and usage, as well as the monthly licensing costs calculated based on the required number of licences. It is imperative to acknowledge that this promotion exclusively relates to onboarding and training package costs.

Please be advised that this promotion expressly excludes discounts on software licensing fees or any standalone subsidiary software add-ons, each of which maintains independent associated costs. This promotional discount applies to onboarding packages only.

Promotion Period

The promotion period begins 15/3/24, and concludes at 5pm AEST on 31/5/24. This promotion is only available during the specified promotion period.

Transferability of Offer

This promotion cannot be combined with any other offers from CareMaster or Trips software. The offer is valid per Australian Business Number (ABN), and only one promotion may be redeemed per ABN.

Offer Period of Expiration

This promotional offer will expire 150 days from the date of the signed CareMaster Monthly License Agreement. If the expiration date falls on a weekend or public holiday, the subsequent applicable business day shall be deemed the expiration date of the promotion. Extension of the expiration date may only be granted upon written agreement by the CareMaster Sales Manager. To request an extension to the onboarding delivery period, as stipulated in the signed CareMaster Monthly License Agreement, kindly direct your request via email to sales@caremaster.com.au. It is imperative to understand that any extension of the agreed onboarding period remains subject to the discretion of CareMaster, and a signed and updated CareMaster Monthly License Agreement will be required if approved.

Software Licenses Costs

The commencement of the license charges will take effect as per the signed CareMaster Monthly License Agreement. Terms and conditions related to the CareMaster Monthly License Agreement will be provided within the CareMaster Monthly License Agreement itself. Details regarding the cost and types of licenses available will be included in the Software Licensing Contract or may be obtained through the CareMaster Sales team at sales@caremaster.com.au. Pricing can also be discussed during the demonstration after the sales team has assessed the necessary license volume and type required for the provider to effectively utilise CareMaster in managing their business.

Software Minimum Licenses

This offer is exclusively applicable to CareMaster Monthly License Agreements comprising a monthly license volume of 10 or more licences.

Applied Onboarding Package

The complimentary onboarding package associated with this promotion is determined by the total number of required licenses specified in the CareMaster Monthly License Agreement. The onboarding package allocated to the enquiring business will be determined by the number of licenses required as outlined in the table below. Details regarding the available onboarding packages can be obtained by contacting us at sales@caremaster.com.au. The terms and conditions governing the complimentary onboarding package will be provided within the Software Licensing Contract, following the determination of the requisite software package based on the volume of software licenses required.

Software Onboarding Packages

Sprout PlusGrow PlusBloom Plus Harvest Plus / Enterprise
Free Onboarding30 to 65 Licenses66 to 150 Licences150+ Licences
Free OnboardingFree Onboarding25% off Onboarding fees25% off Onboarding fees