CareMaster Expands Operational Hours

A Positive Development for After-Hours Support and Western Australian NDIS Providers In a significant move aimed at enhancing its commitment to providing comprehensive support, CareMaster has announced an extension of its operational hours, set to come into effect on the 4th of December, 2023. The new operational hours, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM AEDT, Monday to Friday, represent a substantial change that holds considerable benefits for both after-hours support providers and clients in Western Australia, which operates in a time zone a few hours behind the eastern states. Improved Accessibility for After-Hours Support Providers One of the most notable impacts of this shift in operational hours is the positive development it presents for after-hours support providers, particularly within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The extended hours align more closely with the varied schedules and needs of NDIS participants and their support networks. This change recognizes the diverse nature of disabilities and care requirements, ensuring that clients can access assistance when they need it most, even beyond typical business hours. Importantly, to provide quality care, each step in the process must align, including the choice of an NDIS CRM by providers. For NDIS providers who offer after-hours care, this expansion offers the potential to better meet the needs of their clients and foster improved outcomes. It’s not uncommon for individuals with disabilities to require support during non-standard hours, whether it’s overnight care or evening assistance. Greater Accessibility for Western Australian Clients The change in CareMaster’s operational hours also holds particular significance for clients located in Western Australia. Due to the time zone difference between Western Australia and the eastern states, residents in Western Australia often found it challenging to access support and services during standard eastern time hours. With the new operational hours, clients in Western Australia can now access CareMaster services with more ease and flexibility. The extended hours ensure that care and support are available during times that are more suitable for Western Australian clients. This is a significant step towards leveling the playing field and ensuring equitable access to services for clients across the nation, irrespective of their geographical location. CareMaster’s Commitment to Continuous Improvement The CareMaster team remains dedicated to the ongoing improvement of its services. They will continue to monitor the demand for after-hours services to ensure that valued providers are placed at the forefront of their business processes and operational decision-making. This commitment highlights CareMaster’s dedication to delivering top-notch support and ensuring that the needs of both clients and support providers are met and exceeded. In summary, the expansion of CareMaster’s operational hours to 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM AEDT, Monday to Friday, brings about a positive development that is poised to benefit NDIS support providers working after hours and clients in Western Australia. It signifies a significant step toward delivering more flexible and accessible support, tailored to the specific needs of individuals living with disabilities. CareMaster’s commitment to its clients and the NDIS community as a whole is reinforced through this strategic enhancement of its operational hours, ensuring that support is always within reach when it’s needed the most.