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Pricing is per user, with the choice of monthly or annual billing.
Additionally, our Support Worker and Participant Apps are included across all tiers!


This software package is an ideal fit for small Providers.
$ 15
Per User Per Month
  • Participant Management
  • Support Worker App
  • Participant App
  • & More


CareMaster's Standard licence is the preferred choice for growing NDIS & Aged Care Providers.
$ 25
Per User Per Month
  • All the benefits of Essential
  • Aged Care Features
  • Vehicle Management
  • Payroll Support
  • & More


CareMaster's Premium software is designed for larger NDIS & Aged Care Providers.
$ 35
Per User Per Month
  • All the benefits of Standard
  • Custom Fields & Reports
  • Document Management
  • & More

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(Per User Licence)
This software package is an ideal
fit for small Providers.
(Per User Licence)
CareMaster's Standard licence is the preferred choice for growing NDIS & Aged Care Providers.
(Per User Licence)
CareMaster's Premium software is designed for larger NDIS &
Aged Care Providers.
Participant Management
Funding Management   CareMaster's Funding Management ensures that funding limits are not exceeded without warnings or alerts, and enables transparency for the Participant with our client app.
Case Note Management   CareMaster's Case Note Management organises timestamped and categorised entries for quick reference, ensuring integrity through restricted editing and providing audit tracking for accountability. Customisable for multi-disciplinary support, with the ability to automatically create linked supports, attached to goals for goal evidence and input templates ensure data quality. Files can also be attached to case notes.
Service Provider Information   CareMaster's Service Provider Information section centralises details about allocated Support Workers, coordinators, Participant status, acceptance date, location review date, report date, and last assessment date. It also tracks referral sources for marketing. Support Workers access Participant profiles, including contact info, interests, documents, medications, and case notes.
Service Delivery Information   CareMaster's Service Delivery Information includes approved supports or services, unsuitable Support Worker notifications, transport requirements, support requirements, documentation, height/weight/seat requirements recording, medication assistance alerts, and alternate signing methods to ensure personalised care and tailored assistance.
Support Management   CareMaster's Support Management section is capable of scheduling recurring supports, specifying support date and time, indicating the service provider, managing group supports, selecting service types, assigning Support Workers, support notes, task lists, assigning support coordinators, detailing transport requirements, and adding custom notes.
Goal Management   CareMaster's Goal Management monitors Participant progress, updates, and tracks progress through the centralised platform and apps. Case notes can be attached as goal evidence.
Medication Management   CareMaster's Medication Management for NDIS Participants enables effective tracking of medications. The Participant profile includes details such as medication name, form, administration method, dosage frequency, and time. Support Workers access this information via the app, ensuring adherence to specific medication instructions.
Document Management   CareMaster's Document Management features allow providers to centrally store documents, policies and procedures. Notifications are sent to the relevant staff and workers when a document is updated and creates an individual record when the document is opened.
Aged Care Information   CareMaster's Aged Care Information encompasses clear service descriptions such as personal care and therapy, detailed provider qualifications and accreditation, transparent information on costs and funding options, availability and scheduling details, explanation of Participant rights and responsibilities, and Participant feedback and reviews to facilitate informed decisions.
Task Management   CareMaster's Task Management feature facilitates generic or personalised custom task lists. These lists can be completed in platform or in the worker app ensuring quality support and service delivery
Custom Fields & Reports   The Custom Field and Reports feature in CareMaster allows customised data capture and reports.
Staff & Volunteer Management
Availability & Leave Management   CareMaster's Availability Management section uses a calendar view format that can track availability and leave. Support Workers can specify availability or leave for entire days or specific durations, enabling precise management. Participants can also submit leave through the particpant app. This streamlined process enhances communication with the operational team and ensures effective support scheduling and planning.
Employment Information   The CareMaster Employment Information for Staff & Volunteer Management includes personal details, award classification, pay rates, qualifications, skills, availability, references, and compliance documents. This comprehensive profile aids employers in making informed decisions about suitability for roles, ensuring alignment with industry standards and regulations.
Timesheets   CareMaster's Timesheet section provides a detailed overview of work activities and associated costs. Timesheets include dates, times, GPS locations and kms travelled for supports involving vehicle usage, along with linked support services.
Qualification Management   CareMaster's Qualification Management for Staff or Volunteers involves monitoring the relevant qualifications, certifications, and training. The system documents attained qualifications such as degrees, certifications, specialised training and allows for setting expiry dates to ensure compliance. The feature also provides alerts for upcoming expirations, helpful for timely renewal.
Service Preferences   CareMaster Service Preferences feature Support Workers and Participant preferences, and notification settings for efficient and personalised service delivery, ensuring alignment with Participant needs.
Document Management CareMaster's Document Management feature offers alerts for expiring documents, tracks document receipts and open rates as well as the capability to provide filtering options and subject matter categorisation. Support Workers can upload documents, share them, and utilise other capabilities to ensure seamless and timely management of work and personal documents.
Custom Fields & Consents   The Custom Field and Reports feature in CareMaster allows customised data capture and reports.
Roster Management - Workers,
Participants, Vehicles, Coordinators,
Service Orgs   CareMaster's Roster Management streamlines Support Worker coordination, participant scheduling, and vehicle assignments. It includes features like setting dates, creating recurring supports, and filtering options based on skills and distance. Additionally, it offers colourcategorised bookings, alerts for available shifts, and customisable SMS/email notifications. Coordinators can manage tasks, job statuses, and outcomes, while transport assignments and participant locations are easily captured
Broadcasting Supports   CareMaster's Broadcasting Support functionality notifies Support Workers of available work, streamlining task allocation. Once the quota is filled, the software stops accepting availability, ensuring efficient task distribution.
Support Management
Support Creation   CareMaster offers multiple methods for support creation: within the roster sections, in a Participant's record or via the Supports section.
Detailed Support View/Filtering   The Detailed Support View/Filtering capability within CareMaster filters rosters or supports by multiple parameters including support or service types, organisations, regions, locations, with a summary of support volumes.
Timesheet Generation - Payroll   Generates Timesheets for staff or workers to be included in payroll processing even if they have not used the worker app to clock in or out.
Transaction List Export   Allows data to be exported from CareMaster in a customised format.
Support Allocations   Easily assign names to support with multiple roster perspective views. Check how many rosters a worker has weekly or monthly with highly filterable categories. Enjoy customisable categorisation for tailored roster management.
Vehicle Management
Vehicle Register   The vehicle register profiles all company and private vehicles, recording essential details to support your services. Linked to Vehicle Compliance Management, it ensures safety and transparency with timely alerts for registration, maintenance, and more.
Vehicle Compliance
Management   Vehicle Compliance Management ensures your vehicles remain compliant with registration, insurance, and maintenance requirements. It provides timely alerts to keep everything up-to-date and running smoothly.
Maintenance History   Record maintenance history for each vehicle and upload invoices, documents or receipts.
Property Management
Property Records   Property records allows comprehensive property information to be stored.
Maintenance History   Record maintenance history for each property and upload invoices, documents or receipts.
Reporting & Business Intelligence
NDIS Export   Generate an NDIS Bulk Export for uploading to the NDIS for bulk claims.
Reporting   CareMaster offers versatile reporting, featuring a performance dashboard for quick insights and customisable data extraction for in-depth analysis. Users can track supports, revenue, worker hours, participant engagement, and service organisation performance. With extensive filtering options, CareMaster ensures tailored data extraction, empowering informed decision-making and operational optimisation. Additionally, CareMaster facilitates integration with accounting software, payroll, and reporting platforms, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in reporting and financial management.
HCP Statement
Management   Comprehensive HCP statement management allows for statement generation or re generation, adjustments and bulk notifications to Participants.
Dashboards   Dashboards allow users to track important information at a glance, delivering a succinct and definitive summary of business operations
Custom Reporting   Custom Reporting allows certain reports to be customised.
Document & Incident Management
Participant & Worker
Incident Management   CareMaster's robust incident management system empowers administrators with comprehensive tools for streamlined operations. Administrators can effortlessly log and review incidents. Incidents can be assigned to Participants, vehicles, and/or properties. The platform features alerts when an incident is created, autocomplete fields for staff and participant details, accurate date and time recording, and detailed incident descriptions. Moreover, CareMaster facilitates attachments of multimedia files for thorough documentation. With the added convenience of reporting incidents directly through the Support Worker app, CareMaster enables seamless on-site documentation and enhances overall operational efficiency.
Incident Export Reports   Experience seamless incident report extraction with CareMaster's innovative software. Effortlessly retrieve crucial data and information from our incident management system for thorough analysis, review, or reporting purposes. Dive deep into incident descriptions, dates, Participant details, severity levels, and associated costs with just a few clicks. Gain valuable insights into trends, pinpoint areas for enhancement, and maintain regulatory compliance with ease.
Vehicle Incident Management   The NDIS Incident Vehicle Assignment in CareMaster allows administrators to designate a vehicle to an incident report. They select a vehicle from an auto-complete field containing pre-loaded options, ensuring accurate tracking. This feature streamlines vehicle involvement documentation, maintaining comprehensive incident records efficiently.
Property Incident Management   In the process of generating an incident report in CareMaster, administrators have the capability to designate a property to the incident if necessary. This task is facilitated by selecting a property from an auto-complete field containing a pre-established list within CareMaster. This functionality enables precise and streamlined tracking of property involvement in the incident. By leveraging the auto-complete field, administrators can readily identify and allocate the pertinent property, thereby ensuring the maintenance of comprehensive records pertaining to property-related incidents within CareMaster.
Support Worker App (All Subscription Types)
Access to Rostered Supports   Support Workers can easily access rostered supports via the Support Worker App, where they can review Participant information and requirements, set availability, and accept supports.
Participant Case Note Creation   Case notes for Participants are crafted within the Support Worker App, maintaining consistency and quality via preset parameters and guided fields.
Generate Timesheets from
Workers' Rostered Supports   Support Workers’ timesheets are automatically generated when the designated shift timeframe is met or marked as completed via the App.
Incident Reporting   Support Workers can report incidents through the App, prompting stakeholder notifications. They include incident details, involved individuals, vehicles, properties, actions taken, and the ability to upload supporting information, including images, and more.
Worker Availability Management   Support Workers can easily log their work availability and request leave via the Support Worker App.
Document Management   The Support Worker Document Management feature enables staff to upload personal documents, contracts, qualifications, and certifications. Additionally, it includes an alert system to notify workers about expiring documents that require updating.
Participant App (All Subscription Types)
View Upcoming Supports   Participants can conveniently access their upcoming supports through the Participant app, where the display features a user-friendly interface, ensuring easy readability and providing all pertinent details regarding the support.
Request Supports   Participants have the option to request support round the clock through the Participant app, with their requests seamlessly integrated into the administration portal for review and adjustment. Approved support requests are promptly incorporated into the schedule, streamlining the process and obviating the necessity for traditional modes of communication such as emails, phone calls, or SMS requests.
Cancel Supports   Participants can easily cancel support via the Participant app, benefiting from its user-friendly interface. In the administration software, cancelled support requests are visualised, accompanied by alerts and reporting for repeat offenders, ensuring accountability and enabling pattern tracking.
View Available Funding   Participants can access their available funding through the Participant App, benefiting from an intuitive interface that provides clear and comprehensive details relevant to their plan and efficiently sorts the information for easy understanding.

Empower Your Software Experience

Enhance efficiency and workflows with tailored training and integration solutions.

Invoicing   Connect directly to Xero for real-time payment updates, and enjoy perfectly formatted exports for MYOB and QuickBooks. $150
Per Month
Payroll Award Interpretation (SCHADS + More!)   The SCHADS Award interpretation ensures accurate staff payments in each payroll cycle. Utilising a modern award interpretation engine, it ensures compliance with the SCHADS award, instilling confidence in payroll accuracy. $150
Per Month
Payroll - Basic Timesheets
(Xero Only)   The basic payroll feature allows timesheets and pay rates to be reviewed before being submitted to payroll. Note this feature does not include the SCHADS award interpretation.
Per Month
DSS DEX API Reporting   This feature allows CHSP and DSS services to be reported directly from CareMaster to the DSS Data Exchange. $150
Per Month
Training & Onboarding Support
At CareMaster, we know that moving to a new software can be stressful and tedious. To help combat this, we offer a range of onboarding and training packages to help you migrate your business with ease. We tailor the training to match your team’s needs, ensuring a smooth transition and effective use of our platform. Explore the best training package for your organisation.
Enterprise Level Providers (200+ Users)
Are you a prominent NDIS or Aged Care Provider seeking a partnership with a comprehensive software solution to enhance your operations? CareMaster delivers unmatched functionality tailored to meet your enterprise needs. With the capacity to address large corporate software requirements, seamlessly integrate the CareMaster platform into your technology stack via out of the box or custom APIs. We encourage you to book a demonstration with our team for an initial discussion about CareMaster and your organisation's requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

To determine if CareMaster is a suitable choice for your business, simply click the links to visit our demonstration booking page. There, you can schedule a meeting online with one of our team members at a time that suits you. During the demonstration, our representative will gather information about your business, drawing from both the details you provide in the booking form and your input at the beginning of the session. You’ll then receive a personalised demonstration that aims to address your specific needs, bottlenecks, and challenges. Through a tangible demonstration of our software, you’ll witness firsthand how CareMaster will assist with your highlighted operational challenges.

Standard CareMaster billing for licences is on a monthly basis. However, annual payments are also available.

CareMaster provides three tiers of licences, carefully tailored to suit the specific needs and sizes of NDIS and Aged Care Providers. These tiers are determined by both the number of users and the features included, ensuring scalability and adaptability to address optional requirements as needed.

CareMaster comprises three distinct software pillars seamlessly interconnected to facilitate efficient management processes. Each software license grants access to the administrator portal, along with both a Worker and Participant App, each equipped with individual features tailored to meet specific operational requirements of the user type. These pillars are unified by the central administrator software that links and supports all functions. All license tiers provide access to the full suite of software, with functionality in the administrator software tailored to the chosen license level.

CareMaster holds accreditation against ISO 27001 Information Security standards. All data is hosted in Australia, with daily backups as a standard practice.

Yes, admin users/managers are included in the count of staff licenses, and the subscription cost applies to the entire account. Regardless of the chosen plan, everyone within the account is enrolled in that particular plan.

No, all prices are subject to the addition of GST.

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