NDIS Scheme Faces Exodus of Large Providers Citing Unsustainable Finances

Image shows NDIS support worker assisting an NDIS Participant.

The landscape of the government’s disability scheme is undergoing seismic shifts as NDIS Providers opt to withdraw, citing financial inviability as the crux of the matter.

Compounding the predicament is the notable migration of workers toward the aged care sector, allured by more enticing compensation packages.

Adding to the recent developments, Queensland-based BlueCare, a major player, discreetly conveyed its intentions to cease dispensing community services to NDIS clients, effective the culmination of December. In a similar vein, counterparts in Tasmania and Victoria have, within the past few years, also made their exit from NDIS offerings.

Queries directed at BlueCare, represented by UnitingCare, regarding the rationale behind their exit, whether it was financially motivated, and the scale of clientele impact, were met with reticence.

Behind the scenes, an insider disclosed instances of workforce downsizing, though BlueCare’s stance on the matter remains unconfirmed across multiple news outlets.

Earlier this calendar, Anglicare divulged its exit from NDIS service provision in Tasmania, asserting its inability to sustain two years of subsidising NDIS services.

In a novel collaboration, the Victorian HACSU and the Australian Education Union aligned with 25 NDIS Providers in May, advocating for a comprehensive review of the NDIS Price Guide to ensure commensurability with labor-related expenses.

Their submission highlighted that over half of employers had discontinued select services due to NDIS fiscal challenges since its inception. A separate report from HACSU brought to light additional grievances, including instances of unpaid labor.

Addressing the BlueCare situation, Minister Shorten affirmed that the agency is actively guiding Participants towards alternative Providers. BlueCare concurred, asserting their commitment to facilitating the transition.

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