Introducing Our Latest CareMaster Board Member: Craig Porte

Craig Porte

With his arrival on our CareMaster board in June ’23, Craig stands as a prominent figure of the NDIS and aged care industries. His pivotal role in orchestrating Carelink’s acquisition by Civica back in 2018 has infused the CareMaster team with a wealth of experience spanning industries, management, and software expertise. Craig’s profound comprehension of the care sectors has positioned him as an authoritative voice on a spectrum of care-centric subjects, whether he’s engaging with the Royal Commission into Aged Care or delving into the nuances of NDIS funding.

Yet, beyond his professional prowess, what truly captivates us is Craig’s vibrant spirit. He defines his role in more expansive terms than a mere title, committing himself to empowering our workforce, harmonising our strategic vision with the community care market, and ensuring unwavering support for our customers. Furthermore, Craig’s seasoned voice serves as a valuable resource for the CareMaster teams during critical decision-making junctures.

Craig perceives aiding our Providers in delivering these essential services while optimising the value of each care investment as a profound contribution to our societal well-being. As Craig assumes his role on the CareMaster board, we eagerly anticipate tapping into his decades of health-focused expertise and his fervour for propelling our mission of advancing NDIS software servicing capabilities. Join us in extending a heartfelt welcome to Craig as we embark on this shared journey. We are confident that his appointment and expertise will play a pivotal role in crafting our software in an innovative and market-specific manner.