CareMaster’s NDIS software efficiently manages vehicles by effectively tracking and organising essential data points. These data points include the status of the vehicle, registration details (Rego), staff assigned to the vehicle, driver’s name, registration expiry, insurance expiry, date of the last inspection, total running cost, and current location. By centralising this information within the software, CareMaster streamlines vehicle management processes, ensuring compliance and minimising administrative burdens. CareMaster provides a comprehensive overview of vehicle statuses, registration and insurance expirations, inspection dates, and running costs. This facilitates proactive maintenance and scheduling of necessary inspections, ensuring vehicles are in optimal condition and compliant with regulatory requirements. Additionally, by tracking staff assignments and location, CareMaster enables efficient allocation of vehicles based on operational needs and enhances overall fleet management capabilities.

Location Tracking and Fleet Management

CareMaster also offers an option to enable background location tracking within the app. This feature enables the automatic tracking of kilometers for the specific support being provided. Additionally, it provides the start and endpoint GPS locations for the said support. Administrators can access this information automatically in their CRM, which receives real-time data from the Support Worker App. That’s right no more chasing down odometer readings from your workers that data is automatically available to managers!

CareMaster is prominent in the field of travel management, offering a comprehensive suite of features for effectively managing both private and fleet vehicles as well!

A Support Worker, booked using NDIS Travel Software, is helping an NDIS Participant in a wheelchair to get into a car.
The CareMaster system has the NDIS Travel Software which allows Care Provider manage transport services to help NDIS Participant move places and use vehicle solutions.

Efficient Vehicle Management with CareMaster’s NDIS Software

CareMaster’s NDIS software offers a streamlined approach to managing multiple vehicles within a business. The user-friendly interface provides a handy list view, allowing businesses to easily oversee and manage all assigned vehicles simultaneously. Through intuitive tools, users can upload and maintain key vehicle information, including important documents, images, and more.

In addition to the comprehensive vehicle management capabilities, CareMaster’s NDIS software enables analysis of vehicle usage and related incidents involving both the vehicle and the driver. This functionality supports efficient problem-solving and helps in addressing any issues that may arise. Each vehicle can be managed as both an individual entity and as part of a larger group, ensuring accuracy and comprehensive data tracking. This granular approach allows for effective fleet management, including the management of vehicles within specific regions or local government areas.

CareMaster’s NDIS software empowers businesses to efficiently handle various aspects of vehicle management. The software not only enables centralised storage of vital vehicle information but also facilitates analysis and problem resolution related to incidents and driver involvement. By leveraging these features, businesses can enhance their fleet management practices, optimise vehicle utilisation, and maintain accurate records for compliance purposes.

With CareMaster’s comprehensive vehicle management tools, businesses can efficiently oversee their fleet, access granular data, and ensure effective management of vehicles on both individual and group levels. This holistic approach contributes to streamlined operations, improved decision-making, and enhanced fleet management capabilities.