CareMaster’s NDIS software includes a robust and systematic process for tracking the service history of participants, starting from the scheduling of their first support. This process encompasses both financial tracking, ensuring alignment with the Participant’s plan and accurate support cost calculation, as well as logistical tracking, capturing important details such as support dates, times, types, Providers, locations, Participant approvals, and the achieved outcomes and goals documented in case notes. The comprehensive service history provides a holistic and detailed overview, meeting the information requirements of all stakeholders involved in the support process.

Additionally, CareMaster offers convenient access to the service history data. CareMaster allows easy download and provision of the service history information. Participants can access their past supports and services 24/7 through the Participant app’s calendar feature. Similarly, Support Workers can review their past support to facilitate time sheet preparation and payroll submission.

A Participant checks the NDIS Service History of CareMaster on her phone to view the records of services she has taken.
The CareMaster’s NDIS software has a system for tracking the Participants’ NDIS Service History,
starting from the schedule with details on the NDIS plan, financial record, and logistics as well as
the outcomes and goals.

CareMaster’s NDIS software is designed to provide comprehensive service history management, meeting the diverse needs of various stakeholders. It offers capabilities for accurate payroll management, and tracking support services for invoicing purposes. This ensures efficient financial outcomes and wage payments for Support Workers. Additionally, CareMaster facilitates the delivery of Participant-centric services that align with their individual plans, promoting positive outcomes and improved support experiences.

To gain a deeper understanding of the benefits and functionality of the service history component in CareMaster, we invite you to schedule a no-obligation demonstration with our experienced CareMaster team. This interactive session will allow you to explore the CareMasters features and see how they can effectively address your specific business requirements. We look forward to showcasing the value that CareMaster can bring to your organisation.