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Last Updated: 10/05/2023
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The CareMaster NDIS software simplifies NDIS price guide updates, making the process easy and fast. Its exceptional user-friendliness ensures seamless onboarding of new businesses, effortless updates for existing users, and intuitive support for NDIS businesses expanding their service capabilities and requiring new prices from the NDIS price guide to be applied in the CareMaster Software. Additionally, updating your CareMaster management with seasonal NDIS price guide updates is a straightforward process that ensures your business continues to perform at its best.

A care provider admin uses NDIS Price Guide Integration to update their service requirements.
The NDIS Price Guide Integration feature in CareMaster Software helps providers update pricing details when adding new services and ensures compliance with NDIS requirements.

NDIS Price Guide Tools

  • The calendar feature allows for the future application of NDIS price updates, ensuring that all upcoming work is accurately charged starting from the specified date. This automatic and seamless application of price updates guarantees accurate invoicing for future services.
  • Prices that are not listed in the NDIS price guide can be manually updated in the CareMaster Software at a later date.
  • In CareMaster, it is possible to manually remove items from the NDIS Price Guide.Price Guide updates are exclusively accessible to top-tier management licenses, guaranteeing accuracy and oversight by the decision-makers within the organisation. This ensures that the updating process is managed by those responsible for strategic decisions within the business.
  • CareMaster has the capability to segregate NDIA plan-managed prices and self-managed prices separately.
  • Ability to apply service organisation
  • Ability to define and segregate prices based on location or region.
  • Users have the option to choose whether the support work should be added to an invoice or not.
  • Users have the option to update existing service prices within the CareMaster software. This option is applicable when there are already existing prices present, and no new ones are being added.
  • For businesses with preexisting service agreements and locked-in prices, there is a functionality available to override all future support work from a specific date with new pricing from the updated NDIS price guide or choose to ignore the update altogether. These scenarios can be managed in bulk, allowing for efficient handling of multiple cases simultaneously.
  • Upon submission, a comprehensive report is generated, listing all future support work that has been updated along with the corresponding dates for the application of new prices. This report provides users with the ability to systematically review the detailed changes, allowing for meticulous verification of accuracy before finalising the updates in CareMaster. Users can conveniently scroll through the report to ensure the integrity and correctness of the changes made.
  • CareMaster offers support throughout the process and is available to assist businesses if needed. First-time users conducting this process are advised to reach out to CareMaster for peace of mind and expert guidance. The CareMaster team is dedicated to providing assistance and ensuring a smooth experience for users.
  • Upon the completion of the import of new prices from the NDIS Price Guide, a success note is generated, indicating the successful completion of the process. Additionally, a new summary of the applied changes is provided for review. This summary allows users to conveniently review and verify the changes that have been applied. It serves as a confirmation of the successful import and provides users with an overview of the modifications made.
  • With recent enhancements, price guide updates in CareMaster have become significantly faster, with most updates occurring within seconds. This improved efficiency allows businesses to seamlessly continue with their daily activities without significant interruptions or delays caused by the update process.

Who is responsible for setting the NDIS Prices?

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) holds the important role of establishing price limits for a wide range of support services provided by NDIS Providers. These price limits serve as guidelines governing the compensation of Providers for their support work and services delivered through the NDIS funding, as outlined in the NDIS Plan. The pricing regime is carefully designed to promote fair distribution of plan funds among participants, encourage responsible spending within the industry, and prevent excessive service charges. This meticulous approach aims to ensure transparency, equity, and effective utilisation of resources within the NDIS framework.

What if I don’t want to upload all of the support item numbers?

Prior to uploading the NDIS Price Guide file to CareMaster, it is advisable to take the step of filtering or deleting unnecessary line items within the downloaded Excel file. This process ensures that only the relevant line items are included when importing the price guide into the CareMaster Software. By filtering or removing the unneeded entries, users can streamline the upload process and ensure that the software is populated with accurate and pertinent pricing information.

Is it possible to upload both NDIA-managed plan and self-managed lists simultaneously?

In CareMaster, it is essential to select the appropriate category when uploading lists, as each list needs to be uploaded separately. This ensures that the data is correctly organised and associated with the corresponding category within CareMaster. By selecting the appropriate category for each list, users can ensure proper classification and avoid any confusion or misplacement of information.

Can a unique rate be applied to a specific Participant?

Customising service rates according to individual participants allows for the creation of unique, tailored pricing structures based on their specific needs and requirements

Can I choose what date the new NDIS price Guide is applied to future support work?

Certainly, completing this task is a seamless process on the upload screen by selecting a date from the calendar option. As part of this process, the user is presented with a list of updated support items along with their respective timestamps. This user-friendly interface ensures clarity and eliminates any concerns about the accuracy of the scheduled future supports. Additionally, an additional final check view is provided, allowing users to review the changes before finalising them.

Can I upload the same NDIS price list for multiple states?

Indeed, CareMaster treats each state separately to account for the variations in line items and prices. This approach recognises that different states may have distinct requirements and pricing structures. Moreover, regional differentials can be applied to accommodate price variations across different areas. By incorporating these regional differentials, CareMaster ensures accurate and appropriate pricing calculations that align with the specific needs and geographical considerations of each area.

In the event that I modify the names of the support items in CareMaster, would these revisions be propagated to the new NDIS price list when it is updated and implemented in CareMaster?

No, this type of update is not implemented in order to maintain the highest level of accuracy in data updates and minimise the possibility of confusion. By avoiding separate updates for each state, CareMaster ensures that data remains consistent and precise across CareMaster. This approach helps to prevent any potential discrepancies or complexities that could arise from managing state-specific updates.

For those interested in a more in-depth understanding of CareMaster’s award interpretation, timesheet management, and payroll integration with various NDIS software platforms, CareMaster offers personalised demonstrations focused on the accounting software integration. To arrange a visual demonstration and gain a comprehensive understanding, please reach out to CareMaster for assistance.

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