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Last Updated: 10/05/2023
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NDIS Vehicle Management Software

When a Support Worker indicates travel, multiple features are employed to efficiently manage this aspect and ensure appropriate handling of the vehicle, as well as associated costs such as parking, tolls, and miscellaneous expenses incurred during the task. The management of vehicle mileage is streamlined by capturing odometer inputs at the trip’s commencement and conclusion. This meticulous recording enables the documentation of the distance covered in kilometers or the duration of travel. Consequently, this information is seamlessly transferred to the CareMaster NDIS software utilised by the business’s operational staff, including payroll, to facilitate smooth reimbursement during the payroll process.

NDIS Case Note Software

When the Support Worker selects the “Create a case note” option in the support system, they gain access to a comprehensive set of tools that streamline the process of providing concise and accurate details about the Participants. In the context of group support, the Support Worker is prompted to choose the relevant Participants from a dropdown menu containing all the Participantss associated with that particular group.

The case notes feature is equipped with a variety of tools specifically designed to enhance the accuracy, flexibility, and level of detail required for creating high-quality case documentation. These tools enable the attachment of voice recordings, images, and files, thereby enriching the notes with relevant multimedia content. Moreover, case notes can be designated as high priority, differentiating them from others and triggering notifications to supervisors through the CareMaster Administration License, which can be conveniently accessed via a web-browser.

In scenarios involving group support with multiple Participantss, case notes can be individually applied to each Participants as appropriate. Furthermore, Participantss’ goals are managed within this feature, allowing notes to be linked to specific goals selected from a pre-filled goal list, adding precision to the documentation.

Before saving the completed case notes, the Support Worker has the option to indicate the attendance of each Participants within the group support setting, ensuring accurate records of participation. These notes are then securely transferred to the Participants’s universal profile in the CareMaster software, ensuring that authorised stakeholders can conveniently access them whenever necessary in the future. This seamless integration ensures effective information sharing and continuity in the provision of support services.

NDIS Participant Goal Software

In the case notes section, you can associate a particular case note with a Participants’s individual goals. This is achieved by selecting from a dropdown menu containing pre-populated Participants goals. Additionally, there is a text box available to provide further details on the specific support provided in relation to the selected goal.

NDIS Medication Management Software

The Participants summary contains vital information related to medication management, encompassing details such as prescribed dosage, medication form (e.g., tablets, capsules), administration route (e.g., oral, topical), frequency of intake, specific notes or instructions, and designated administration times. This comprehensive medication section ensures that Support Workers have access to crucial details required for the accurate and proper management of medications during the Participants’s support.

NDIS Participant Details

Support Workers are granted access to various information sources regarding the Participants they are assigned to. This encompasses profile images, basic contact details, and personal information such as birth dates, additional contacts, and age.

In the Support Worker app, any outstanding alerts related to a Participants are prominently displayed at the top of their profile. These alerts may include crucial information, such as specific food allergies, medical requirements like blood sugar testing for diabetics, and other relevant details. Additionally, alerts can be utilised to inform Support Workers about behavioral issues or required management support for the Participants.

NDIS Participant Summary

Within the Participant’s details section, there is a comprehensive list of categories specifically designed to aid the Support Worker in building rapport with the Participants and enhancing their daily support services. These details encompass various aspects, including the languages spoken by the Participants, their favorite band, preferred sporting team, affinity towards animals, and more. The interest section highlights specific areas of interest for the Participants, such as a particular sport or cooking.

The Participant’s Summary also provides information regarding any existing conditions or disabilities they may have, with the option to attach specific notes to each if necessary.

In the final section of the Participant’s Summary, any long-term and regular medications the Participants takes are outlined. This includes details such as the dosage, form of medication, administration route, frequency of intake, any specific notes related to the medication, and the designated time(s) for administration. When medication is administered, this information may be applied to the Participants’s notes against the specific support.

NDIS Participant Notes

The notes section in the Participants summary presents notes in chronological order, starting from the date of their initial entry. Each note is accompanied by a title and a concise character limit for the body copy, ensuring swift identification and understanding of the searched note and its context. Adding case notes is a straightforward process and can all be conveniently submitted through the Support Worker App.

NDIS Participant Goals

Goals are presented in a linear completion line format, offering Support Workers a means to easily monitor their progress. When providing support and attaching case notes to a specific goal, the completion line gradually advances. Multiple goals can be set simultaneously, each accompanied by a title and a brief description of associated tasks. During setup, goals are defined with a predetermined number of hours within the system.

Upon completing a support session, the Support Worker can allocate that support to the intended goal or choose a different one. As time is added to a specific goal through the completion of various supports, the linear completion line steadily progresses towards full attainment. This visual representation provides a clear indication of goal progress based on the accumulated time associated with each support.

NDIS Document Management

To facilitate efficient management of Participants care documents, a dedicated document-specific database is assigned to each Participants. This centralised repository empowers Support Workers to organise and access a wide array of documents related to Participants care. Categories can be established to facilitate easy navigation, filtering, and categorisation of specific document types, such as medication charts and service agreements. This customisation allows the documents to be tailored to the specific support being provided.

These documents are securely hosted on the CareMaster servers, making them accessible through both the Participant app and the Administrator license. Support workers and Administrators can upload, download, and attach documents using either the mobile app or the web-based Administrator portal. This seamless integration ensures convenient access and efficient handling of Participants care documents, enabling vital information to be readily available to Support Workers throughout their shifts.

Furthermore, document uploads are date-stamped, and alerts can be applied to signify points at which they expire, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is maintained.

NDIS Supports Calendar

In an NDIS provider’s pursuit of excellence, a comprehensive system incorporates a tangible forward planning calendar. This calendar serves as a crucial tool for Support Workers, allowing them to plan for future support and offer guidance to future Support Workers when necessary. The CareMaster Software ensures that each Support Worker has access to a personalised future support program for each Participants. The calendar provides detailed information about upcoming supports, including the individuals involved and the support procedures. By facilitating effective planning and clear communication, this forward planning calendar enhances the overall support provided to Participantss.

NDIS Support Approvals: Signatures and Auditing

Before concluding a shift, the Support Worker is presented with a signature panel on the App, enabling them to personally sign off on their own shifts. Similarly, the Participants app offers a similar technology to approve shift completion. This process generates a time and date-stamped record for auditing purposes.

Moreover, the system includes a built-in tracking or geo-stamping feature that captures the Support Worker’s location when using the app. This data is accessible through the Administration web-browser version and serves to verify completed shifts that may have been overlooked or not signed off within the designated time window. Naturally, this information is available for auditing whenever necessary.

Support Worker Personal Profiles

A comprehensive end-to-end software solution for NDIS services must address the needs of both Support Workers and providers. CareMaster acknowledges this vital requirement and offers a unified management approach to support Participantss and staff members alike.

With CareMaster’s software, Support Workers can efficiently manage their HR requirements within the same platform. This includes features for scheduling, leave management, timesheets, and other relevant HR processes. By integrating these functionalities, Support Workers can handle their administrative tasks with ease, ensuring efficient and organised management of their roles.

Additionally, CareMaster recognises the importance of open communications and streamlined processes for providers. The software solution promotes effective communication channels and facilitates streamlined workflows, allowing providers to efficiently handle tasks like staff allocation, performance management, and ongoing support. By extending comprehensive management capabilities to staff members, CareMaster’s software ensures a cohesive and holistic approach to NDIS service delivery.

Support Worker Personal Details

Support Workers possess the capability to update their personal details through the app, and these updates are automatically synchronised across all CareMaster software. Furthermore, Support Workers have the option to update their profile picture, which is then shared with Participantss when a support is scheduled. This streamlined process ensures that the latest and accurate information is consistently reflected across the platform, fostering effective communication and enhancing the overall Participants experience.

NDIS Support Worker Document Management

Support workers, similar to Participantss, have their dedicated repository database designed for securely storing, managing, and accessing personal documents. This repository includes important files like driver’s licenses, qualifications, certificates of training, and registrations. Support workers can conveniently access these documents through both the Support Worker App and the administration web browser.

With round-the-clock access to their document center through the app and web browser, Support Workers have the flexibility to upload, download, and attach files as needed. This seamless integration ensures that necessary documents are readily available whenever required, streamlining administrative processes and empowering Support Workers with efficient document management capabilities.

NDIS Support Worker Company Document Access

The Staff Documents feature acts as a centralised repository for Support Workers, granting them access to standardised documents essential for the organisation. Managed through the administration web browser, this section provides internal access to crucial documents used for resource purposes and daily operations. To ensure up-to-date information, documents can be assigned an expiry date. Various file formats can be uploaded, allowing users to effortlessly download, fill out, and resubmit documents when required. The upload dates are displayed alongside the document file names, offering a clear timeline of when the documents were added to the repository. This systematic approach streamlines document management and facilitates easy retrieval and updating of essential resources for staff members.

NDIS Support Worker: Availability

This section of the Support Worker profile empowers them to effectively manage their availability for work. The process is simple, yet highly efficient, enabling workers to directly inform the operational team of essential information required for scheduling and managing future supports.

Through a user-friendly calendar view, Support Workers can easily track their allocated availability, booked days, and completed supports. Clicking on a specific date allows them to view the number of supports rostered for that day, along with their scheduled times. Further clicks reveal more specific details, including support location, type, and the Participants they will be assisting.

Support workers have the flexibility to assign availability for an entire day or for specific durations, allowing them to manage their availability with greater precision. This feature streamlines the process of informing the operational team and ensures effective support scheduling and planning.

NDIS Support Worker: Leave Requests

Support Workers have the convenience of accessing a dedicated leave requests section within their app. This feature enables them to submit requests for specific dates and times of leave, indicating the type of leave they intend to take and providing a reason for their request. Once submitted, the leave request is visually reflected in the calendar view of the Support Worker App.

Moreover, the operational team is promptly notified of the change in availability, ensuring that the Support Worker is not assigned any shifts during the applied leave period. This streamlined process facilitates efficient management of leave requests, promoting effective scheduling, and ensuring seamless communication between Support Workers and the operational team. This system enhances overall operational efficiency and empowers Support Workers to easily manage their time off while maintaining clear communication with the team.

NDIS Support Worker: Support Shifts

This section offers workers a comprehensive overview of their working commitments, providing them with a clear understanding of their workload. The commitments are presented in a breakdown format, detailing the total hours assigned per day, week, and fortnight. Additionally, a calendar view is included, allowing for a quick and easy comprehension of the days where availability has been set and rostered shifts have been assigned. This consolidated view enhances workers’ awareness of their scheduled commitments, facilitating effective time management and planning. By having a complete picture of their working hours and availability, workers can optimise their schedules and ensure they are well-prepared for their responsibilities.

NDIS Support WorkerTimesheets

The “Timesheets” tab offers employees a comprehensive overview of their work activities and associated costs for the previous fortnight. Support Workers can access approved timesheets, which include the date, time, and odometer readings (if applicable) for support sessions involving vehicle usage. Moreover, any linked support services are conveniently displayed.

Clicking on a specific support entry allows workers to access more detailed information about that particular support session. This feature streamlines the process of reviewing and managing timesheets, providing Support Workers with valuable insights into their work history and ensuring accuracy in recording their work-related activities and costs.

NDIS News Broadcasting

CareMaster’s news broadcasting software feature is efficiently managed through its web browser interface, serving as a crucial tool for operations and Support Coordinators to distribute messages and information to staff members effectively. The web browser provides a dedicated section that offers control over the content, recipients, and delivery timing.

By utilising the Support Worker App, the operations teams can broadcast news and information to either the entire Support Worker community or specific groups as needed, ensuring comprehensive updates for all staff members. CareMaster’s Administration Web-browser licence provides transparent visibility on the recipients of the information, enabling effective tracking and monitoring. This process also facilitates content expiration and establishes a central resource center for staff to consult when necessary, particularly for recently changed protocol-related matters.

Following updates to operations and the dissemination of information through the broadcasting feature, staff members can regularly refer to this section for essential details regarding protocol changes, fostering clear communication and ensuring staff members are informed and updated in a systematic manner.

NDIS Software: Bug Reports

At CareMaster, our mission is to foster a robust health system by continuously adapting and improving our software based on valuable user input. We believe in an open, transparent, and informative approach to development, striving to come as close to perfection as possible.

To facilitate continuous improvement, we have implemented a structured “Report Error and Bug” form within the application. This allows users to provide essential feedback to enhance our software.

The form allows users to offer detailed and accurate information to help resolve any issues effectively. Users have the option to upload supplementary details, such as screenshots, photos, and documents, to provide further clarity on the presented issues. The information is promptly directed to our software product manager, who reviews the bug and assigns it to the development team for resolution. If additional details are required to thoroughly diagnose the problem, users may be contacted for further information.

We highly value the input from all stakeholders involved in the software’s various processes, as it is instrumental in shaping and refining our software to meet your needs effectively.

NDIS Software: User Assistance

This section provides vital information about the device in use, encompassing its build details, software information, and specific details related to the business utilising the CareMaster Software. Additionally, Support Workers have the convenient capability to clear the cache if necessary, all accessible within this section. This feature ensures Support Workers have a comprehensive understanding of their device’s specifications and the software environment, while also offering a convenient tool for cache management when needed.

NDIS Incident Reports

The Incident Report feature is prominently located in the main menu of the Support Worker App. It has been thoughtfully developed with valuable input from industry stakeholders to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the gathered information. The primary aim is to provide informative and useful details that can contribute to future improvements in operational processes and constructive training.

During the initial onboarding and software setup, CareMaster offers businesses the flexibility to customise this area. This customisation allows businesses to determine key components, such as incident categories available for selection by Support Workers. By tailoring the Incident Report feature to their specific needs, businesses can effectively capture and analyse incidents, leading to better insights and continuous enhancement of their operational processes and support services.

The incident report gathers essential details, including:

  • Incident Category: A dropdown menu with incident categories relevant to your business’s operations and support types.
  • Incident Severity: A dropdown menu listing levels of severity for future triaging and filtering through business operations.
  • Participants Involved: A dropdown menu offering a pre-determined list of Participantss for ease of access and accurate documentation in potentially stressful moments.
  • Staff Involved: A dropdown menu displaying a list of Support Workers within the business. Multiple Support Workers can be chosen for a single report if necessary.
  • Vehicle Involved: A dropdown menu presenting a list of registered vehicles in the system. Alternatively, specific details can be added later in the available text box.
  • Date Occurred: A convenient calendar feature allowing the selection of the date and time of the incident.
  • Description of the Incident: A large text box providing ample space for a detailed description of the incident.
  • People Involved/Witnessed: A large text box designed to account for multiple names and specific details regarding their involvement.
  • Action Taken: A large text box enabling the user to outline the actions taken following the incident.
  • Image, Document, or Voice Attachment: The option to upload images, documents, or voice recordings related to the incident.

This comprehensive incident reporting system ensures accurate and detailed documentation of incidents, allowing businesses to promptly address issues, implement corrective measures, and enhance overall operational safety and support services.

NDIS Reportable Notes

When the “reportable toggle” is selected, a designated Support Coordinator or Business Manager will receive an immediate email notification upon the submission of the incident report. This ensures timely awareness of the incident and enables prompt follow-up actions to address the situation effectively.

NDIS Case Notes: Locked Notes

After an incident report is submitted through the Support Worker App, it becomes uneditable for the Support Worker. However, additional details can be added by authorised personnel through the Administration license when using the web-based browser of CareMaster. This approach ensures that the incident report maintains its integrity while providing the necessary flexibility for Administrators to include any relevant information for accurate documentation and resolution.

For those interested in a more in-depth understanding of CareMaster’s award interpretation, timesheet management, and payroll integration with various NDIS software platforms, CareMaster offers personalised demonstrations focused on the accounting software integration. To arrange a visual demonstration and gain a comprehensive understanding, please reach out to CareMaster for assistance.

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