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Last Updated: 10/05/2023
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When it comes to the care industry, compliance is key. CareMaster’s NDIS incident management software and tools gives the Administrator license the ability to set up important alerts and reminders, record and manage incidents, as well as manage and distribute important documents and forms. It’s tailored specifically for the care industry.

Incident features

  • Incidents can be categorised and filtered based on either a Participant and a vehicle or a Participant and a property.
  • The incident filtering process includes sorting incidents using various parameters, such as staff involved, Participant name, incident number, location, severity category, or date range.
  • The ability to export incident data to an Excel file.
  • Active and resolved incident management tagging to differentiate between ongoing and resolved incidents.
A Support Worker helps an NDIS Participant who has fallen, prior to reporting through NDIS Incident Management Software.
The Care Providers maintain compliance with the NDIS Commission regarding Incidents through the NDIS Incident Management Software feature for proper recording and documentation.

What features are available in a new incident report:

Incident Type Categories

Providers have the flexibility to set categories for different incident types within CareMaster. These categories can be associated with service types, verbal complaints, written complaints, or the individuals who reported the incident. During the setup of CareMaster, categories are established and can be expanded over time as needed. This allows Providers to tailor the categorisation of incidents to align with their specific organisational requirements and adapt to evolving needs.

Severity Type Categories

Categories for severity types within CareMaster are customisable and specific to each business utilising the platform. These categories can be set by an administration license holder within the data section of CareMaster at any time. This provides businesses with the flexibility to define severity categories that align with their unique needs and organisational requirements. By having control over these categories, businesses can accurately classify and manage incident severities according to their specific guidelines and protocols.

Staff Involved

Users have the ability to tag one or multiple staff members to an incident within CareMaster. To streamline the process and ensure accurate tracking, an auto-complete field is provided. This field assists users by quickly and accurately locating preloaded staff names from the database. By leveraging the auto-complete feature, users can efficiently associate the relevant staff members with the incident, promoting faster and more precise tracking of staff involvement.

Participant Involved

In CareMaster, there is an auto-complete field that allows users to search and find participants to attach to an incident report. This feature ensures the inclusion of accurate information and helps to minimise the potential for human errors, particularly in critical situations. Users have the flexibility to attach no participants, a single Participant, or multiple participants to a single incident, depending on the specific circumstances and requirements. By enabling this functionality, CareMaster enhances data accuracy and facilitates comprehensive incident reporting.

Who reported the incident?

CareMaster provides an auto-complete field that allows users to search and find the staff member or members of the business who reported an incident. This feature ensures efficient and accurate tracking of the staff involved in the incident. Users can easily search for and select the relevant staff members, whether it is a single staff member or multiple staff members, providing comprehensive information regarding the incident and its reporting. This functionality helps streamline incident management and maintains a clear record of staff involvement in the reporting process.

NDIS Incident Vehicle Assignment

When constructing an incident report in CareMaster, if a vehicle was involved, the Administrator has the option to assign a vehicle to the incident. This can be done by selecting a vehicle from an auto-complete field that contains the pre-loaded vehicle list within CareMaster. This feature ensures accurate and efficient tracking of vehicle involvement in the incident. By utilising the auto-complete field, Administrators can easily identify and assign the appropriate vehicle, maintaining a comprehensive record of incidents involving vehicles in CareMaster.

NDIS Incident Property Assignment

When constructing an incident report in CareMaster, if a property was involved, the Administrator has the option to assign a property to the incident. This can be done by selecting a property from an auto-complete field that contains the pre-loaded property list within CareMaster. This feature allows for accurate and efficient tracking of property involvement in the incident. By utilising the auto-complete field, Administrators can easily identify and assign the relevant property, ensuring a comprehensive record of incidents associated with properties in CareMaster.

NDIS Incident Date and Time

To ensure absolute accuracy in determining the duration of an incident, CareMaster provides a date and time calendar feature. This feature assists users in selecting the precise date and time when the incident occurred. In cases where the incident report is written after some time has elapsed since the incident, backdating is available. This allows users to accurately record incidents that were not reported immediately or during the actual incident occurrence. By offering these functionalities, CareMaster ensures that incident reports capture the correct timing and provide a reliable record of incidents, regardless of when they are reported.

NDIS Incident Duration

Utilising the calendar tool, an incident duration may be accurately added to the report.

NDIS Incident Costs

If the incident incurs any costs, CareMaster allows users to include these costs in the incident report. Users can add the relevant cost information to the report and provide additional details or explanations in the description field for further clarity if needed. This feature enables the comprehensive documentation of incident-related costs and offers the flexibility to provide a more detailed description to enhance understanding and context. By facilitating the inclusion of costs and detailed explanations, CareMaster supports thorough incident reporting and analysis.

NDIS Incident Description

The incident report in CareMaster includes an open-text field specifically designed to accommodate a substantial amount of descriptive information. This field allows users to add circumstantial details, providing a comprehensive narrative of the incident. It offers ample space for including significant amounts of text to ensure all relevant information is captured and documented accurately. By providing this open-text field, CareMaster enables users to include contextual information that enhances the completeness and clarity of the incident report.

NDIS Incident Particpants

Similar to the description field, this additional field facilitates the transfer of information gathered from a firsthand witness of the incident. It can also be utilised to capture details provided by third parties involved in the incident, such as drivers or family members who may not be registered in the CareMaster Software. This field accommodates the inclusion of relevant information from various sources, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate record of the incident, even when individuals involved are not part of the CareMaster Software.

NDIS Incident Outcomes: Action Taken

The designated field in CareMaster is specifically intended to capture the outcome of the incident and indicate whether it has been resolved. Its primary purpose is to document the steps taken to address and respond to the incident. This field serves as a valuable resource for Provider staff involved in incident management, as it enables them to understand the outcomes of similar incidents and approach them with heightened awareness and validation. Additionally, this field can be utilised for quality assurance and training purposes within the organisation, facilitating the identification of patterns or areas for improvement. By utilising this field effectively, CareMaster supports a proactive approach to incident management, fostering continuous learning, and enhancing overall organisational performance.

NDIS Incident Status

The administration license in CareMaster has the capability to manage a predefined list of incident statuses. These statuses are utilised for effective incident management and tracking, providing clear visibility into the current state of each incident. Examples of such statuses include “Under Investigation,” “Active,” “Resolved,” or “Under Future Review.” By utilising this predetermined list, CareMaster allows for consistent categorisation of incidents and ensures that any ongoing human errors or patterns of behaviour can be identified and rectified through audits conducted at a later date. This feature supports proactive monitoring, accountability, and the implementation of corrective measures to address recurring issues within the organisation.

NDIS Incident Location

Within CareMaster, administration users have the ability to configure regions and locations that are specific to their business. This setup enables the utilisation of an autocomplete field, promoting accuracy and efficiency in data entry. By populating CareMaster with customised region and location data, users can conveniently select the desired options from the autocomplete field, ensuring precise and streamlined information input. This feature enhances the user experience, reduces errors, and facilitates swift data entry, contributing to overall software accuracy and operational efficiency.

NDIS Incident Reportable tag

CareMaster features a tick box specifically designed to indicate whether an incident necessitates reporting to the NDIS Commission. This checkbox serves the purpose of clarifying that the incident, based on its type and severity, requires reporting according to the regulatory guidelines set forth by the NDIS Commission. By utilising this tick box, users can easily identify and flag incidents that meet the criteria for mandatory reporting, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and promoting adherence to the appropriate reporting protocols.

NDIS Read-only Incident Reports

CareMaster incorporates a tick box specifically designed to lock the incident report. This feature is recommended for use once an incident is marked as resolved. Enabling this tick box ensures that the incident report remains locked and unalterable, guaranteeing that any future reference or review of the incident is based on the most up-to-date and accurate information available at the time of resolution. By utilising this feature, CareMaster promotes data integrity and prevents any inadvertent modifications to the incident report, allowing for consistent and reliable information for future analysis and follow-up.

NDIS Internal Report only

CareMaster incorporates a tick box specifically designed to indicate that a report is for internal purposes. This feature is particularly useful for addressing internal HR issues or situations that do not involve third parties or participants. By utilising this tick box, businesses can effectively manage their own human resources internally within the CareMaster Software. It is important to note that the editable categories mentioned above can aid in segregating incident types for internal business operations, just as they do for incidents involving participants. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that human resources personnel within the Provider business are aware of this feature and its integration with other aspects of incident management. By understanding how this feature and other incident-related functionalities are utilised, HR personnel can effectively leverage CareMaster to support their internal operations.

NDIS Incident File Attachment

CareMaster facilitates the seamless integration of photos, videos, files, or documents associated with an incident. Users can easily drag and drop these files directly into CareMaster, streamlining the process of capturing and linking visual or supporting materials to the incident. This feature enables efficient documentation and consolidation of relevant multimedia or supplementary information within CareMaster, ensuring a comprehensive record of the incident. By offering a user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality, CareMaster simplifies the task of attaching and organising media files, enhancing the overall incident reporting and management process.

Report Incidents Through Support Worker App

CareMaster offers the convenience of reporting and preliminary documentation of incidents through the CareMaster Worker app, designed for use directly onsite. The specific features and functionality of this capability are comprehensively outlined in the Worker app section of the CareMaster website. Users can refer to this dedicated section to gain a clear understanding of how to leverage the Worker app for incident reporting purposes. This ensures that incidents can be promptly and accurately documented even while workers are in the field, contributing to efficient incident management and seamless integration of data across the CareMaster platform.

For those interested in a more in-depth understanding of CareMaster’s award interpretation, timesheet management, and payroll integration with various NDIS software platforms, CareMaster offers personalised demonstrations focused on the accounting software integration. To arrange a visual demonstration and gain a comprehensive understanding, please reach out to CareMaster for assistance.

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