Unlocking the Benefits of Integrating with CareMaster NDIS Software

The integration of accounting software with CareMaster significantly enhances the management of financial aspects for Provider businesses. This is attributed not only to the inherent features of the accounting software but also to the added value resulting from the integration of a robust end-to-end software like CareMaster, as well as the synergies created between the software applications, such as automated reconciliation of payments.

An NDIS Participant gladly accesses the Integration with the CareMaster NDIS Software feature on her phone.
The Integration with CareMaster NDIS Software feature brings the Provider’s business to a streamlined processing in payroll, invoices and the financial operation with their choice of accounting platform.

Seamless Information Sharing between Xero and CareMaster:

When integrating with CareMaster, these key pieces of information are effortlessly shared between the two platforms. This streamlined integration ensures accurate and consistent data across both sys-tems, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual data entry. The integration between Xero and Care-Master enables smooth payroll management, invoice generation, and financial tracking, providing a seamless experience for NDIS service Providers.

By accessing the settings option within CareMaster, numerous options are available to determine which data will synchronise with CareMaster, enabling a higher level of control if necessary. If you require support with this procedure, please do not hesitate to contact CareMaster, where our team will assist you with the setup process and configuring your account according to your preferences.

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When managing timesheets between CareMaster and Xero there are two options. The option you choose entirely relates to how the Provider wishes to manage their business. For this reason, the only notable difference is the time it takes to check a timesheet as one process is manual while the other is automated and synced to zero directly.

Within the Xero settings area of CareMaster, there are informational icons associated with each setting. These icons serve to explain the function of each setting, which can be particularly helpful for Providers who are not well-versed in the section and need to make adjustments.

Manual Time Sheets

In the CareMaster platform’s staff section, the user should navigate to the time sheets option. Within this section, the Provider or Coordinator is able to grant approval for each individual time sheet and subsequently submit it, causing it to be displayed in the Xero time sheet section.

Automated Time Sheets

When timesheets are approved automatically, they are directly deposited into the timesheet section of Xero. Additionally, the timesheet section of CareMaster is reconciled with this process, ensuring that both platforms are in sync and accurately reflect the same information.

If the manager intends to switch between the two settings or desires to modify the setting at any given time, it can be accomplished easily by selecting the [auto admin approve/sync time sheets] option in the Xero settings section of CareMaster.

Automated Sync Transaction Pay Status by invoice number

This feature automatically adds the invoice number to the relevant support service in CareMaster when an invoice is sent to Xero. Moreover, when an invoice is paid, it is not only marked as paid in Xero, but also in CareMaster. If the feature is disabled by not ticking the “on” option in the CareMaster Xero settings, the administration team will have to manually mark the support work as paid in Xero through the invoicing section of CareMaster. Therefore, it is highly recommended to utilise this time-saving feature.

Casual Loading Rate Management

Casual loading is a separate addition from the regular service rate, which affects how time sheets are transmitted to Xero. Xero highly recommends enabling this feature since it allows for the separation of rates, with the regular rate being invoiced separately from the casual loading rate. This differentiation enables Support Workers to distinguish between the two rates on their pay slip.

Colour Coded Time Sheets

A recommended feature that employs colour coordination to signify the status of an event in the time sheet, such as “confirmed.” If this feature is disabled, the time sheets will lack any colour indicators.

Only show and sync timesheets with valid times

This feature ensures that if a worker clocks on for a shift but fails to clock off, the timesheet will not be sent to Xero since there is no end time. To correct this, the admin team must manually input the clock off time. When this feature is disabled, the rostered end time is used instead. This feature offers greater control over start and finish times for the admin team.

Easy to Apply Allowances

In the event that the information is pre-existing in Xero, CareMaster will seamlessly retrieve it for implementation. However, if the information has not yet been set up in Xero, a swift award rate glossary tool is readily available to generate the prevailing award rates, which can then be applied to both Xero and CareMaster, ensuring a user-friendly and hassle-free setup process.