Choosing the Best NDIS Software for NDIS Providers

Choosing the Best NDIS Software for NDIS Providers 

Are you searching for the right NDIS software for providers but unsure where to begin? The following lists are designed to kickstart your research journey. We have compiled a list that encompasses the most commonly requested features sought by NDIS Providers looking for the best software for their business.

NDIS Providers often opt for distinct software solutions to cater to their range of services. Take CareMaster, for instance, which offers specialised NDIS software encompassing three crucial elements of NDIS service delivery:

  • A cloud-based, accessible business operations software
  • The dedicated CareMaster Support Worker App
  • Both these software types seamlessly link to a dedicated NDIS Participant app

Top-Requested Features by NDIS Providers Seeking NDIS Provider Software

When it comes to NDIS software for Providers, here are the top-requested features.

1. Case Notes: Facilitate Participant case note access and creation.

2. Rostering: Streamline rostering processes for office and workers.

3. Time Sheets: Automate timesheet generation to accounting software.

4. Availability: Worker-set availability calendar for enhanced scheduling.

5. Incident Reporting: Report incidents and notify specific managers.

6. Travel: Log and manage travel arrangements and costs.

7. Communications: Support Workers to Support Worker.

8. Communications: Support Worker to Office.

9. Support Worker Details: Support Worker Profiles with capability filters.

10. News Broadcasting: Send news updates to the workforce.

11. Document Supply: Distribute essential documents to Workers.

12. Alerts and Reminders: Issue staff alerts and reminders.

13. Participant Goals: Set, manage, and progress Participant goals.

14. Medication: Medication management and tracking.

15. Complex Cases: Filter and assign specific skilled Support Workers.

16. Security: Two-factor login.

17. Access: Android and Apple App availability. 

18. Internet Connectivity: Offline data sync in mobile apps allows local storage for creating, modifying, and searching data offline, syncing with the service when online.

19. Shift Check-in/Check-out: Log working hours and activities in real-time.

20. Location Tracking: Monitor the location of Support Workers for safety.

Discover various additional features we’ve chosen to keep confidential, ensuring our competitive edge remains intact. Schedule a demo to uncover more!

Top-Requested Participant Features by NDIS Providers Seeking NDIS Provider Software

1. New Supports: In-app support requests for Participants.

2. Support Schedule: Chronologically ordered future supports for easy reference.

3. Availability: Cancellations, leave requests with calendar-based availability and cancellation features with provider notifications.

4. Support Job Details: Date, time, worker name, cost, hours, and NDIS goals.

5. Participant Details: Profiles of Participants with contact details.

6. Budget Management: (Optional) In-app budget visibility with support cost breakdowns and progress bar indicators.

7. News Broadcasting: Sending news updates to Participants.

8. Group Supports: Broadcasting group supports and activities.

9. Document Supply: Distributing essential documents to Participants.

10. Participant Documents: In-app Participant document supply and profile attachments.

11. SMS Notifications: Automatic SMS updates to participants with custom messages and templates.

12. Support Worker Details: Visibility for Participants.

13. Access: Availability on Android and Apple apps.

14. Alerts and Reminders: Issuing alerts to Participants.

15. Images and Recordings: Participant-provided images and recording transfers.

16. SMS Alerts: Automatic SMS updates to participants with custom messages and templates.

17. Family Details: Contact information of Carers.

18. Security: Two-factor login.

19. Support Job: Participant sign-off feature for direct billing capabilities.

20. Access: Availability on Android and Apple apps.

Discover various additional features we’ve chosen to keep confidential, ensuring our competitive edge remains intact. Schedule a demo to uncover more!

Administrator Portal: Access Online

Integrates seamlessly with the NDIS Support Worker App and NDIS Participant App, facilitating comprehensive provider operational management and accounting from end to end.

1. Accounting Software Integrations: For simple and automated timesheets (bulk/single) and payroll processes with reimbursements, invoicing and more!

2. Scheduling: Broadcasting available shifts/skill-specific shifts/group or single supports/recurring and pattern bookings, backdate changes to recurring support work and more!

3. Payroll with Award interpretation: Manage allowances and awards with ease.

4. Document Control: Share and manage Support Worker documents within the CareMaster Software and Apps.

5. Incident Reporting: Report incidents accurately and effortlessly by submitting text, images, and documents. Prioritise urgency by following a predetermined hierarchy of internal personnel.

6. Vehicle and Equipment Management: Seamlessly manage business assets by utilising alert and reminder features for streamlined compliance and registration monitoring.

7. Business Reporting: Custom reporting allows effortless data trend analysis and the downloading of datasets for in-depth scrutiny and desired analysis.

8. Case Notes & Service History: Efficiently manage and prioritise case notes, including service history and medicine administration details, with the added ability to attach documents and multimedia for comprehensive care documentation.

9. Alerts and Reminders: Create alerts and reminders for a diverse range of reasons and operational purposes, ensuring no oversights, missed tasks, or non-compliance issues, regardless of time intervals, through a robust and comprehensive system.

10. Budgeting: Streamline the review, sharing, and management of participant budgets with ease and fluidity, promoting efficient financial oversight.

11. NDIS Price Guide Integration: Simplify and manage NDIS price guide updates using CareMaster, offering a user-friendly interface for easy uploading, effortless updates, and changes.

12. Data Security Accreditation: In 2022, CareMaster NDIS Software achieved ISO 27001 accreditation, a global standard for information security management systems.

13. Pre-loaded data fields: Expedite data entry and enhance accuracy with pre-loaded data fields, providing predefined options and information for efficient and standardised record-keeping.

14. Automated Booking Confirmations: Enhance communication with predictability and ultimate efficiency for streamlined operations.

15. NDIS Goal management: Establish a structured process for regular monitoring and evaluation of participant goals, enabling timely adjustments and ensuring progress towards desired outcomes.

16. News and document broadcasting: Streamline communication through efficient news and document broadcasting, ensuring timely and widespread dissemination of information to relevant stakeholders.

17. Support Worker Profiles: Create detailed worker profiles encompassing both social and professional information, providing a holistic view of employees for enhanced collaboration.

18. User access controls: Implement robust user access controls, ensuring secure and tailored access to system features and information based on individual roles and permissions.

19. GPS Tracking: Utilise GPS tracking to enhance safety protocols, conduct efficient auditing, and streamline payroll processing by accurately monitoring and verifying workers’ locations and activities.

20. Alerts and Reminders: Alerts and reminders for expiring documents, including tracking of document receipts and open rates.

Discover various additional features we’ve chosen to keep confidential, ensuring our competitive edge remains intact. Schedule a demo to uncover more!