CareMaster Receives Smart Capital Investment

CareMaster NDIS software. Partnership with NDIS Providers.

In continuation of our persistent efforts to reinforce our commitment to delivering top-tier software solutions in the NDIS market, in complete harmony with the benchmarks of affordability, capability, and reliability, CareMaster is delighted to unveil significant strides within our operational structure. It is of paramount significance to emphasise that these advancements and the corresponding decisions have been meticulously forged through an extensive engagement with Provider Stakeholders, placing our Providers at the focal point of our deliberations and strategic determinations for the future.

CareMaster Strategic Investment

We are pleased to announce a strategic investment that has propelled the CareMaster brand forward. This investment has led to the establishment of a board of directors comprising industry experts, carefully chosen to champion our vision alongside the leadership of Andrew Sturt, the CareMaster founder, and CEO. This visionary move is aimed at realising our goal of offering the most sought-after NDIS software solutions for Providers of varying scopes and sizes within the Australian market.

Professional Skill Expansion

This investment has primarily brought about an expansion of the CareMaster team, driven by the valuable feedback provided by our Provider stakeholders. We have introduced key roles in critical areas, including Provider Help, Provider Onboarding, Provider Training, User Experience Designers, Market Research analysts, and additional software developers in both design and testing phases of delivery.  These strategic additions are instrumental in ensuring a more streamlined software delivery process, enhanced usability for Providers, and comprehensive research and development to ensure our software solutions add real value to a Provider’s operations. Our expanded team of software specialists is fully equipped to support the diverse needs and requests of our Provider community and take our innovation roadmap beyond 2023.

Industry Engagement Strategy

As part of our commitment to ongoing improvement, we are introducing regular updates to keep our Providers informed about the latest developments. These updates have commenced (on August 24th) with our new brand release. Additionally, we are launching training webinars and unveiling new software releases online to ensure our Providers are well-equipped to leverage our solutions optimally at their own pace, using various resources or with the support of our expanded onboarding and training teams. To foster even stronger collaboration, we have introduced a robust framework for stakeholder engagement, allowing our Providers direct access to pertinent professionals. These developments, led by industry veteran and Senior Product Manager Darren Walker, have begun with the formulation of the 2023-2024 CareMaster Software Development Road Map. This approach empowers Providers to exert real influence over the future trajectory of CareMaster software, ensuring its continuous alignment with their evolving requirements as Providers and the industry’s stipulations set forth by the NDIS. Amidst these transformative shifts, CareMaster maintains an unwavering commitment to its role as a steadfast partner for Providers of all sizes. Our objective is to empower them to deliver exceptional care services through innovative software solutions. Concurrently, our adaptable software serves as a foundation that supports Provider growth at every stage, offering the necessary building blocks for their expansion journey.

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